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  1. Alabaster

    Story (insert generic saga-type name here) A longish story in chapters

    Ok, I'm gonna write new parts in posts further down. This has no good title yet, but I have plenty of ideas and plot to make this reasonable. OK, here goes (I say :red: rather a lot for you discreet people) :
  2. Alabaster

    Drawings & Paintings Hawkster draws a things

    I am reasonably good at drawing so I decided to make a thread for me arts. It is usually sketches and small drawings but I might attempt painting because some paintings have turned out great. Also if I do have another art thread i cannot find it so want to lock it or remove it. I am also going...
  3. Alabaster

    Hawkster's Scribbles and Squawks!

    You may not know this, but I do a little writing now and then, and I was in the (presently discontinued) Boreal Bookshelf. I won't go into that, but here are some of my segments and stories to give you a little flavour of my stuff: You can request stories about certain Terraria...
  4. Alabaster

    Nitrome - a free and amazing library of great Flash games.

    Yeah. So, Nitrome is a London based games company that has made more than 100 free flash games on their websites and has a couple on the App Store, notably Icebreaker:A Viking Voyage, which one of their few paid games, but is very worth it! They also have a touchy app which let's you use...
  5. Alabaster


    This is a game by the czech studio Amanitia Design, you may have seen some of their work like botanicula too.Anyway, Machinarium is a puzzle point and click game with great music, graphics and is very challenging and rewarding to play. Machinarium is set in a world dominated by robots and you...
  6. Alabaster

    Hawkster's Pixels!

    I have been sporadically doing pixelart for over a year, and whilst I am nowhere near as dedicated in spriting as some of the awesome spriting folk that can be found around here, I would like to show you some of my sprites: hopefully you wil enjoy them or at least tell me how woefully awful they...
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