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  1. Generating_Username

    Good sprite designing websites

    I wanna make sprites for a hunter x hunter texture pack but i dont really know any good pixel art/ sprite design websites that are free, if you know any please tell me
  2. Generating_Username

    Xbox One How is terraria going to stay alive on console/mobile?

    After 1.4 drops for Console/Mobile, I've been wondering how terraria's gonna still have tons of active players, Because Console doesn't have mods to keep it going like PC does. I know there are people who are still going to play it, but it still really concerns me.
  3. Generating_Username

    solar pillar needs a nerf

    Solar pillar needs a serious nerf. Its tedious to beat unless you're playing melee or something, and even then you're limited with weapons because of these mother:red:ers If you're playing Ranged or Mage (especially ranged) or using a projectile melee weapon, The selenians just :red:ing spam...
  4. Generating_Username

    Console When 1.4 drops, do you guys know if texture packs are gonna be added or not?

    Idk I have mixed feelings about this cus on one hand You cant just download texture packs like you can for pc but on the other hand they could implement it like minecraft did so i really just want a second opinion
  5. Generating_Username

    Console Cross platform world seeds

    I've been looking at Khaios' Builds and I wanted to know if, when 1.4 comes to console, you can put in world seeds for worlds on other platforms .
  6. Generating_Username

    Ask a Jump Force fan anything

    for those of you who don't know, Jump force is an anime crossover fighting game on PC, Xbox one, PS4, and nintendo switch. I haven't done this before so i figured this would be a good place to start
  7. Generating_Username

    Queen bee should only enrage when she's out of the jungle or underground jungle.

    Before 1.4, Queen bee didn't enrage at all. I used to get the abeemination and summon her in the surface jungle. But apparently you can only fight her in the underground jungle now. What's up with that? Why can't it be so that she only enrages when you're out of the jungle/underground jungle?
  8. Generating_Username

    Console you should have to option to hide accessories on a character

    currently, my character is modeled after monkey d luffy from One piece except he's green (dont ask) He looks perfect, except my ankh shield and spectre boots ruin the look. I want to be able to hide accessories on my character. I don't see a functional use for this except characters looking...
  9. Generating_Username

    The Lunatic cultist should have his own theme.

    The lunatic cultist is a really fun fight and i feel like golem's theme dosen't really fit it. plus, why is it called golem if it's used by two bosses? The lunatic cultist's theme could have parts from the dungeon theme, like plantera's theme has parts from the jungle theme
  10. Generating_Username

    Console when 1.4 comes out, Sandstorms should only happen on windy days.

    I think sandstorms would be a more enjoyable event if they didn't happen every time I went into the desert. It could kind of be like blizzards only happening on rainy days. I feel like with windy days being released this is a perfect counter to blizzards
  11. Generating_Username

    Xbox One water bucket glitch?

    whenever i try to fill a bucket with water it disappears even when i have a full inventory does anyone know this glitch?
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