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  1. Raichu Sonic

    Changes to Demonite tier

    So, I was playing mobile and just beat the EOC. Then, I realized that the Light's Bane (a legendary sword) was weaker than the axe in the same tier. Let's change that. Buffed Light's Bane | Nerfed War Axe of the Night 21 melee damage | 12 melee damage...
  2. Raichu Sonic

    Mobile How do you do this?

    How do you make accesories show on your player? I've seen screenshots of them showing on characters.
  3. Raichu Sonic

    PC Brass Knuckles (needs a sprite)

    The Brass Knuckles could be a 10% drop from zombies or a craftable and a good prehardmode melee weapon. Crafting (if needed) 12 Gold bars 5 Copper bars Stats 16 melee damage 2% crit. chance Average Knockback
  4. Raichu Sonic

    PC Sombrero (needs a sprite)

    The Sombrero should be sold for 50 silver by the Traveling Merchant and be used as a vanity item.
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