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  1. Sora_92

    Looking for help (especially coders) with Wacky NPCs Mod

    (This mod) If you know the mod, then probably no need to intruduce it, but if you don't, it's a small mod, mostly focusing on town NPCs, and deco NPCs (furnitures that look like town NPCs), plus a few additional things. I didn't updated the mod since Vanilla Terraria 1.4 is out, but I would...
  2. Sora_92

    Yellow dragonfly additional pixels & scorpions behave weird

    I started a new playthrough with 1.4.1. Expert mode. After some point, got a desert town half up (not "town" yet, but I guess it reduces monsters spawnrates regardless, and makes mostly critters spawn. Went to fish in this natural oasis. And notived that there are stray pixels (or whatever...
  3. Sora_92

    "Start in hardmode" challange playthrough

    The other time, I did the Crimson Challange, which was very fun too, so I was wondering what playthrough to do next, and as far as challanges concerned there was this idea I saw several times before too, and decided to give it a try. the "Start in hardmode" challange! You can easily change a...
  4. Sora_92

    Aegis Unit (for protection from meteors)

    A bit of a random idea maybe, but I think I seen similar ideas before too, it just occured to me to write a thread to point at the problem again. Meteors can be a huge pain, especially for builders and anyone who cares about the landscape. But even if you don't, meteor heads can be a pain to...
  5. Sora_92

    Some character drawings by Sora_92

    Sometimes I get some inspiration to try drawing some of my characters, when in the middle of a playthrough, or after it. I showed some of them before in some discord channels, but not here yet, so I thought, if some might be interested, I show them here too. They are just clumsy doodles, I'm not...
  6. Sora_92

    Working as Designed Meteor heads override frost moon enemies

    I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not, but it's odd and annoying... I had an arena before, but I got to wave 18 only before 4:30, so I decided to build another, trying to use lava and other stuff, and moved everything here. (the other arena is close to the town, I didn't wanted to tinker...
  7. Sora_92

    The bestiary and Mods

    This isn't really a suggestion, more like a question so, sorry if I posted it in the wrong place. So, the bestiary contains entries of pretty much all creatures in the game, be it town NPCs, critters, monster, bosses, or anything. I absolutely love it! And the more you fill up the bestiary, the...
  8. Sora_92

    Harvesting Canes

    There are sometimes things falling off trees now, if you tick them once with an axe, right? It's cool early game, but I found that after I upgraded the copper axe to a better axe, that can chop a tree much faster this happened much less, and I won't go around ticking trees because I might would...
  9. Sora_92

    Vanity Forbidden Sigil

    There is this incredibly cool looking thing, that right now, you can only have if you wear forbidden armor. How about making a vanity version of it, that can be worn in vanity acessory slot, to have the forbidden sigil appear behind the character's head regardless of armor and vanity armor...
  10. Sora_92

    Wacky NPCs Mod

    Wacky NPCs is a mod compiling some of my previous mini mods and expand upon them with some new things. Currently, there are 5 town NPCs in the mod, the Corruption Fangirl, the Crimson Fangirl, the Picklock, the Scam Artist, and the Professor. NPCs Items "Furnitures" - AKA NPCs who aren't...
  11. Sora_92

    tModLoader Corru Crim NPCs

    Discontinued (probably). Integrated into Wacky NPCs Mod. Check it out! Corru Crim NPCs Mod This is a simple mod that adds 2 new Town NPCs, the Curruption Fangirl and the Crimson Fangirl. The basic idea was to make it possible and easy to acquire crimson items in corruption worlds too and...
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