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  1. Varsia

    Blood Moon Dye

    So, y'know the blood moons, and how it adds a red tint to things? Some of the combinations can be really cool. How about that as a dye? Called the Blood Dye, it would be sold by the Dye Trader during a blood moon for 1 gold. That's all.
  2. Varsia

    Warp Boots - The first steps into accessories combining

    Now. I've already made a suggestion regarding an endgame shoe, but here's another one for the sake of it. Also, the title may be a little misleading, but here goes nothing. Warp Boots Equipable Allows the user to run incredibly fast Allows flight and enhanced mobility on ice Double-tap to...
  3. Varsia

    Drawings & Paintings The best Twinkle Popper drawing ever

    Alright, so I got bored and decided to draw a Twinkle Popper to the best of my abilities. I'm not the best at art, but I'd consider myself decent. So I'd prepare yourself for some mediocrity. It's not bad, though. That is all. Any feedback I'd love, so please leave me some!
  4. Varsia

    The Titanstone Wall - A slight texture change.

    Titanstone is possibly one of my favourite building blocks in the game. It looks really nice, and is particularly good for building structures with a darker theme. Which is exactly what I've been trying to do. And, much to my dismay, I found this annoying little tidbit: Well, how about instead...
  5. Varsia

    Honey Runners - My idea for a lava waders upgrade.

    Lava waders are a nice accessory, but they frequently get outclassed by the lightning boots due to their 'situationalness'. Therefore, I shall propose a solution aside from the "elemental boots" or whatever it is people kept suggesting at one point. Firstly, a little change I'd like to propose...
  6. Varsia

    Short Story Fading (My first short story)

    Just a small, short story I came up in the shower. Here it is: Fading I was stood there, looking down at my bare, red feet. The water was warm and soothing as it ran down my back, through the rough, tangled mess that was my hair. The room was hazy from the heat, the white tiles becoming damp...
  7. Varsia

    The first thing that comes to your mind...

    Basically, I'll say a word, and then the next person who posts will post the first word that comes to their mind upon hearing that word, and the person below them will use that word. E.G: Person 1: Potato Person 2: Food Person 3: Eat Alright, you get what I'm getting at? Let's go, then. Fire.
  8. Varsia

    TCF Suggestion Unfollowing status messages

    It's annoying, getting an alert on a status that you no longer actually care about when you're not getting any from anywhere else, but really don't care about that status. If it's possible to add this (I can understand if it isn't), then that would be great.
  9. Varsia

    A few interesting lunar weapon ideas.

    There's one main concept here that inspired me to make this, so I'll go over that first. In fact, the only reason I'm making these other ones is because of the whole balancing thing. Solar Selenian Scythe 100 melee damage 2% critical strike chance Insanely fast speed Weak knockback How it...
  10. Varsia

    TCF Suggestion Can we have BBCode not count towards the status character limit?

    As the title says, I just simply want BBCode (colours, links and the like) to not count towards the character limit on statuses. Because it never actually takes up space on the status (the character limit is only there for stopping spamming of the status update box, I presume) and would allow us...
  11. Varsia

    Haloboy's Guide to Spriting!

    (Moderators, I am unsure as to whether or not this would be the correct place for this. Move it if needed) Hello, friends. Judging by the fact that you've wound up on this thread, I'm going to guess that your spriting may need some work. Well, my friend, I'm going to tell you how I do spriting...
  12. Varsia

    WIP Lunar-inspired mini-biomes!

    So, Fire moss. Fire moss. It looks extremely cool, and feels as if it should be used for something more. It's certainly not normal moss, glowing with that faint orangey-red. This is what inspired me to make this suggestion. And it will actually be using this. And so, I present: Lunar inspired...
  13. Varsia

    Lunar event themed furniture.

    I'm not sure if this has been suggested or not; I scrolled through the last 5 or so pages and found nothing, so I guess I'll make the suggestion. Basically, I suggest furniture themed around the lunar event materials. So, a furniture set for each of the fragments, and a luminite furniture set...
  14. Varsia

    Animated paints!

    So, y'know the animated dyes? And how they work on every piece of armour? And how armour's really diverse and all that? Yeah, well, I had an idea regarding paints. Just a simple suggestion asking for some of the cool new animated dyes as paints. You did it the other way round with negative and...
  15. Varsia

    Lunar weapon DPS comparison

    Well, I've been bored and have decided to compare the DPSes of Lunar weapons. Each weapon shall be measured using the appropriate armour (Solar Flare for melee, Vortex for ranged, Nebula for magic). I won't be doing summoner, as the DPS for that is a bit difficult to measure. For notes: -I also...
  16. Varsia

    Google yourself!

    Basically, this is a game in which you go onto Google (or some other search engine), go onto images and post a print-screen of the first set of images you see. No scrolling down. For example purposes, I'll start.
  17. Varsia

    Dyed glowing armour light needs to be dyed.

    Many late game/end game armour sets emit a glow of light around them. When you use an undyed set, it works fine. However, when you're character is any colour other than the colour of the glow, it looks silly. A red glow on green armour doesn't really even make Terraria-sense. What I suggest is...
  18. Varsia

    PC Worm scarves for sale

    Basically, I murdered expert EoW 100 times to try and get some dev sets. It didn't work. So, I'm selling all these spare worm scarves I got. There's about 80 or so, 'cause some of the kills glitched out and gave no bag. I'm not asking for a trade for a dev set, I'll happily take money or...
  19. Varsia

    A simple addition to the DCU - Wall removal

    Basically, I'm digging a big pit with the DCU, and I also need to remove the background walls. I suggest that the DCU should be able to remove walls. There's two ways I think this could be done. 1)Holding a hammer while inside the DCU will cause it to break background walls and other stuff that...
  20. Varsia

    Console The general Forza discussion thread.

    Forza, for those of you who don't know, is an Xbox exclusive racing game, and a damn good one at that. This thread is here for you to discuss the Forza games as a whole. Which one is your favourite? Do you prefer the simulation-style racing of the Forza Motorsport games or do you prefer the...
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