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  1. MiltVala

    Other Art Milt's Papercraft Shenanigans

    I planned to do this in October 2015, ain't I a stinker? Anyways, as many of you know, I have dab a bit in papercraft. Before I had joined the Terraria forums, this was my primary pass time, using MS Paint to modify templates I found online, and make my own. That was several years ago, and now...
  2. MiltVala

    Locking Chests: improving the chest GUI

    Before I begin, this has absolutely no connection to locked dungeon chests or keys With that out of the way, I'm sure everybody has gone through something similar to the example below: It's one of the sad side effects of the new (and amazing) quick stack to nearby chests button. What I'm...
  3. MiltVala

    Balancing Hardmode Ore Tier Weaponry (Buffing Waraxes)

    Now, who hear uses hardmode ore war axes, or warhammers? (which don't exist cough cough) It's pretty obvious that when it comes to this niche in progression, swords get all the love. Waraxes are both slower, have less damage, and slightly higher knockback. Now, why bother then? What I am...
  4. MiltVala

    PC Milt's Builds

    So erm yeah... I build a bit, and since my house got pretty good feedback, I guess I'll post the others as well. So first off, my main base This picture is outdated however, and now there is a steampunk furnace thing on the bottom left wall now. Also that beautiful little mushroom next to...
  5. MiltVala

    Crimson & Corruption: Fishing Balances [Sprites]

    Corruption gets the Purple Clubberfish, a slow but decent early-mid prehardmode broadsword weapon. Crimson gets Heart Reach potions, one of the most useful potion in the game. That means if your world has Corruption, no heart reach, in crimson, no Clubberfish for early game. Not exactly...
  6. MiltVala

    Hammers! a Q&A with that Milt guy

    Heyo, Milt69466 over here! A good amount of people here are making these, so what the heck! I'm a pretty open guy, so ask away. And before y'all start asking, this is where my username comes from: Also, Milt is a name too, so don't go bothering me about fish sperm and spleens.
  7. MiltVala

    A few item rarity changes

    Ok, this one's a quicky. Some of the items in Terraria feel a bit off in terms of rarity. I'm suggesting we change those up a bit. Spectre Painting Tools So you know all those spectre tools? Well guess what, the painting tools have a rarity of That's right, an item that is made of...
  8. MiltVala

    Origin Gear: a utility armor and others

    So, what do you use to build and mine? Your usual Spectre/Beetle/Shroomite/etc., or the mining armor with its insanely high 3 defense! Well I for one, would like to have a new armor for the task of efficient mining and building in hardmode. Enter: Origin Gear So before I begin, I'd like to...
  9. MiltVala

    Other Art Terraria Desktop Wallpapers

    So I took it upon myself to make a few new Terraria desktop wallpapers to spruce up my bland computer screen. Since I felt that others might like them, I have decided to share them here. Please note that none of this is completely original, and all these have been taken from the Terraria game...
  10. MiltVala

    Pots and Boulders, more ways to kill you! [Sprites]

    We all know these guys right? () Well, I want to see more mobs like mimics. No, I do not mean more chest mimics, I mean new types of mimics. Introducing: More ways to kill you! Pot Mimics Pot mimics are hardmode mobs that follow the same principle and AI as regular mimics but are twice...
  11. MiltVala

    Lesser Recall Potions and tweeks [Sprites]

    We all know these right? One of the most useful potions early game if RNG is screwing with you. The problem is, they are a bit too expensive to craft at early game. Fishing isn't exactly an ideal way to get material for a simple utility potion at early game. Let alone fishing in the cavern...
  12. MiltVala

    Hardmode Ores and Hammers [Sprites]

    Oh this is so like me, creating a thread to add more hammers Jokes aside, with all the gear you can create with hardmode ores, there are no hammers at all.... I mean, come on.... There are hammers for each of the regular ores (and even wood) , but the only hammers for hardmode pre-mech tier...
  13. MiltVala

    Rich text editor and BB Codes

    It's something that's been bothering me quite a lot recently. The rich text editor has a thing where it likes to edit certain BB Codes. Mostly this one Whenever I want to go edit a code like this, I get: [CENTER] Anyway we can solve this problem?
  14. MiltVala

    Poles, hang those banners with style! [with sprites]

    So, it's me again, time for my third suggestion! So, I like banners a lot. But it always bothered me that you had to hang them on a block. While this is cool and all, that means they look a bit out of place outside. But I want my banners outside in the field, blowing in the breeze! Enter...
  15. MiltVala

    Pixel Art Milt69466's Hammering Sprite Thread!

    Banner by @darthmorf Welcome to my Sprite thread! I started spriting several months ago and it has become one of my favorite art mediums. Compilations These are the sprites I made for large suggestions Other Sprites Sprites that do not belong to any large suggestion of mine. If the...
  16. MiltVala

    Shell Hammer (an additional use for turtle shells)

    So basically, turtle shells are only used in turtle armor and that's it. I know that turtle shells aren't very easy to come by, but seriously, they only have a single use. Introducing the Shell Hammer Type: Tool/Weapon Damage: 87 Power: 90% Knockback: 9 Max stack: 1 Rarity: Use time: 35...
  17. MiltVala

    Post your "Give me back my money Goblin!" moments

    Ok, I made this thread on TO, may as well port it over :P So, share with us how the Goblin tinkerer decided to screw you over with terrible chains of bad reforges! My worst of yet Broken Scourge of the Corruptor Shoddy Scourge of the Corruptor Broken Scourge of the Corruptor Broken Scourge of...
  18. MiltVala

    [WIP] The Three Champions [With Sprites]

    So, This is my first suggestion! I almost find it weird I haven't done anything yet considering how I used to frequent the suggestion forums. I've actually been spending about half a month passively building upon ideas, doodling, jotting notes, and this is the result! Feel free to help rename...
  19. MiltVala

    The Game

    The Game, a must on every forum Here's the rules of The Game: If you think about the game, you lose the game To win The Game, you must not think about the game If you have lost The Game, you state your loss And since I created this thread, I have lost The Game
  20. MiltVala

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    Well, this was on the old forums, may as well revive it :p Post your screenshot moments here! Killed the Wall of Flesh as it was pulling me in :joy:
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