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  1. |.Terrarian.|

    **REPORTED** Infinite Money Dupe Glitch With Seashells

    If you try to place seashells/tulip shells/starfish/lightning whelk shells on platforms in a stair orientation, it will not consume the item when placing it yet return you one seashell/tulip shell/starfish/lightning whelk shells, thus duplicating the item infinitely.
  2. |.Terrarian.|

    PC Pylons Should Make Towns Immune to Corruption.

    As the title says, I feel as though Pylons should not only take away enemy spawns, but prevent the spread/initial intrusion of Crimson/Corruption within the area. For example here is my Cavern Pylon, I was wondering why I couldn't teleport to it after defeating the Wall of Flesh, and that was...
  3. |.Terrarian.|

    Will Terraria Player Suggestions Die After 1.4?

    As the title says, I pose a series of questions for you all... Do you think the Player Suggestions section of the forum will die out once 1.4 releases? Will people's content be forced to change into much less fantastical ideas? What is the point of suggesting further? Surely a single...
  4. |.Terrarian.|

    WIP Master Mode Suggestions

    hi With Master Mode incoming, I propose a list of mechanics/enemy changes that could be added in Master Mode to make it feel a little bit more difficult (more than just increasing enemy stats obv). post currently under heavy construction, it's going to be big! Master Mode Changes Enemy...
  5. |.Terrarian.|

    PC New Achievements For Terraria!

    why do i always start like this New Achievements I've been feeling some new achievements are needed for Terraria, a lot of the stuff seems kinda linear for a game that's so diverse. I propose a couple new ideas for achievements that make you feel a little bit more accomplished as a player no...
  6. |.Terrarian.|

    Sprites Crimson Variant of Deathweed!

    Simple thread... hi. Bloodlilies A new abomination has spread throughout the Crimson, the Deathweeds are being uprooted by the seeds that fly on the wind! Based off of the Blood Lilies in real life, these plants will grow in bloody pairs, eventually spreading their seeds by the wind once...
  7. |.Terrarian.|

    Sprites Goblin Army Mob Rework!

    (puts post into center alignment) -cough- Hi ~Presenting~ :O Goblin Army~Mob Rework (and some tiny event reworks) Let's just jump right into it shall we? Mobs (insert sprite here) Goblin Fort A brand new element to the Goblin Army, depending on what status message you get when the Goblin...
  8. |.Terrarian.|

    Sprites Space Stuff

    Mk, so... A couple suggestions here. My first suggestion is to expand space by just a tad bit more, perhaps 150-200 more blocks worth? Just adds more room for my second suggestion. My second suggestion is to add little mini structures akin to Sky Islands. UFOs They would look something roughly...
  9. |.Terrarian.|

    PC Breathing Reed Flavor Text

    hai. I've but a simple suggestion. Not many people know this, but this little guy: Breathing Reed Increases breath time and allows breathing in water ...Used to have arguably the BEST tooltip in the entire game. (I played Terraria like a century ago don't ask me how long ago it was.) What...
  10. |.Terrarian.|

    PC Make Paint Effect Light Color

    O============================================================================================================O Mini-suggestion that is probably impossible to code: The ability to paint "light emitters" For example, candles: At the moment, painting a candle changes the wood color, not the...
  11. |.Terrarian.|

    PC So let's talk about Piggy Banks...

    I don't know what this is suggestion-wise so I'll just put it here. ===============================================Oink=Oink================================================== Have you ever died in Terraria with butt-tons of money on-hand and then you say to yourself: "Ahhhh shoot! I forgot to...
  12. |.Terrarian.|

    Sprites Repulsive Arrows & The Bloodied Teeth

    ...Yeah. Repulsive Arrows Arrows of the Crimson Plague i'm proud of this sprite :3 Type: Ammunition Damage: 10 Knockback: 2 (Very Weak) Velocity: 4 Tooltip: Likes to stick around. Effect: In a way similar to Daybreak/Javelins, once the arrow is fired from the bow, they will stick into the...
  13. |.Terrarian.|

    PC The Cultist and Umbramorphing!

    Hi. I come to thee with new ideas: The Cultist (either one of the Lunar costumes) After defeating the Lunatic Cultist, a follower is suddenly snapped out of his control and breaks free through the power of sheer will! What does he do? Well I'll tell you... he: Umbramorphs! What is...
  14. |.Terrarian.|

    Sprites Caryatid Mirror (Pocket Mirror Idea)

    Presenting another suggestion! This time circulating around this lil' guy: (why are you so useless) What I propose is making this item part of a crafting recipe for a new weapon! Caryatid Mirror Mirror of the Gods Crafting Recipe: 1x 25x /25x Summon Weapon: (Sentinel Type) Function: Summons a...
  15. |.Terrarian.|

    Sprites Blood Moon Kama

    Yay here we are again with another suggestion: Kama Weapon of the harvest! 0.67% Drop from Damage: 10 Knockback: 1.5 (Extremely Weak) Critical Chance: 7% Use Time: 15 (Very Fast) Velocity: 15 Inflicts Debuff: Bleeding 2 Seconds Debuff Tooltip: Cannot regenerate life. Rarity: Lore (not...
  16. |.Terrarian.|

    Sprites Shotgun Boots/Gunmetal Boots

    Introducing an idea that I literally just had a couple minutes ago! (excuse my terrible art) Gunmetal Boots/Shotgun Boots (Name undecided) Crafting Recipe: 5x / 20x 1x What do they do? Gunmetal/Shotgun Boots will fire EXACTLY like a shotgun would but will spray bullets below the player...
  17. |.Terrarian.|

    New Game mode!

    (ty to witherhitles for pushing this thought into my head with his forum :) ) I present to you a different game mode in Terraria that I just came up with! Simply a new game mode where the Corruption/Crimson rate of spread is DRASTICALLY increased after the WoF is defested, even letting it take...
  18. |.Terrarian.|

    Sprites The Archaeologist/Bestiary

    Zoologist & The Bestiary ( Undecided sprite, 1st is my fave! :) ) The Zoologist The Zoologist is a concept NPC who's primary objective is to help the Player learn of the world around him/her. The Zoologist would first be spotted in the Jungle tied-up/injured/unconscious in vines in...
  19. |.Terrarian.|

    Wand of Sparking Rework

    - oh how I wish you were more viable, you small twig you. Because of this, I offer two distinct paths this rework could take: ------------- Option 1...
  20. |.Terrarian.|

    Corresponding "Rain Cloud Block" Rain Colors

    Super simple and purely aesthetic change, make the Rain Cloud block's rain change color based on the biome its in or, during a Blood Moon, have red rain!
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