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  1. Rhajat

    WIP Throwing Cards- Are you Ready to D-D-Duel?

    I just had a stupid idea one day "What if throwing cards were in Terraria?" well i pondered this way too much and now i'm making this thread for funsies. Throwing Cards [No sprite] Damage: 10 Usetime:Average Knockback: Weak Crit Chance: 4 Velocity: Starts off slightly faster than most throwing...
  2. Rhajat

    Wii U Xenoblade Chronicles (X)

    (I don't know if this already exsists but im doing it anyways) This is a thread to discuss the awesomeness of Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X Now let me start this off. Do you think X holds up to magnificence of the original or does it fall short and how? Personally i find the...
  3. Rhajat

    Lunaris armour : a new type of armour

    With the 1.3 update we got some new armour sets but to me these armours seemed a tad bit bland so I decided that we needed a new fresh and interesting armour so I present to you the lunaris armour The basic idea This armour would buff you the lower in health you get and it would be usable...
  4. Rhajat

    Console and mobile content for pc ?

    The title says it all do you think mobile and console content like turkor lepus and Ocram should be added I personally think that only console content should be added since I don't really like the mobile bosses because they are side bosses that give you useless items with the exception of horn o...
  5. Rhajat

    Android cloud issue

    I had an issue with the cloud I had 3 three chars bgs, kaks and eperna kaks was the oldest then was eperna then bgs kak then mysteriously disappeared but I never noticed until eperna dissapered today and I'm afraid that bgs will go next I also had another cloud issue a couple months ago where...
  6. Rhajat

    The Emperor Slime

    This suggestion will be about giving the king slime a hardmode variant called The Emperor Slime. SUMMONING 1 chlorophyte crown 999 slime 10 bars of chlorophyte , 1 large ruby , 1 lizhard power cell = chlorophyte crown Design ( no sprite at the moment) He would wear a lizard brick colored...
  7. Rhajat

    Xbox 360 hallowed keymold and RoD for trade

    I will trade my rod of discord or my hallowed keymold for any moon weapon or a pulse bow or 3 BHS
  8. Rhajat

    Drawings & Paintings vizrons digital art and sketches

    Welcome to vizron's art thread in this thread I will show case my digital art and sketches and except requests Rules -ONLY ONE REQUEST AT A TIME -only video game art -I have the right to refuse any request -credit me and never claim the art as your own in the event you want to use my art...
  9. Rhajat

    The guardian shield:a different class of shield

    Currently there are only 4 Shields in Terraria 2 shields are upgrades and the other one is rarely used but I can change that with this new accessory the guardian shield item in inventory on player sprites by: @DerpoTheMagnificent Tool tip : grand protection defense + 1 Crafting: 1...
  10. Rhajat

    Member-Run Project my attempt to put custom item textures in mobile

    So a while back @AutomatedMiner made me a sprite of the monado and zanzas monado so when obtained the sprites I thought it would be cool to replace the Terra blade sprite with zanzas monado so I went into the games files and, <redacted by staff> <Image removed by staff> This is amazing that...
  11. Rhajat

    WIP more different colored wrenches

    2 new wrenches will be added that are sold by the mechanic their colors will be purple, and yellow this will help when building big contraptions useing lots of wire it will also help when building very complex contraptions it also allows for the complexity of these contraptions to increase...
  12. Rhajat

    Mobile I found the corruptorrs

    I fliped out now to get them vitamins
  13. Rhajat

    Xbox 360 looking to play with some one

    Looking to either for an all items map or some one to start from the beginning with if interested hit me up in a convo
  14. Rhajat

    ocram trophy glitch

    How did they goof this up so bad
  15. Rhajat

    what is happening need help

    When i Try to upload a pic and this happens It is only when I upload a pic from ps touch
  16. Rhajat

    rate the person above you signature

    As the title implys rate there signature 10/10 emptiness so beautiful
  17. Rhajat

    WIP A new end game melee weapon the blade of sky

    My idea new endgame is for a weapon called the blade of Ouranous ( greek god of the sky) Stats Swing speed : fast Critical strike chance : 21 Damage : 110 Knock back : weak Pierceing : 1 Shoots a white glowing that when hitting an object shatters 3 mini swords that do 1/5 of the original blades...
  18. Rhajat

    piranha gun equality

    The piranha gun is my favorite weapon in my mobile world I got the key mold and made the key and got the piranha gun so to maximize dps I look on the wiki to see which ranger head piece boost it's stats I find out it doesn't get affected by any helmet this is an injustice help us get equality...
  19. Rhajat

    Must see terraria first can't believe this happened

  20. Rhajat

    Nimbus rod halp

    In my personal world I've gone through about 3 hardmode rains but no nimbuses and I want a nimbus rod please help
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