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  1. |.Terrarian.|

    PC Purpose of Ocean Tunnels (1.4)

    That's what makes it so disappointing, you're like "Oh snap I wonder what is down there once I find the means to go down there!" And its nothing lol
  2. |.Terrarian.|

    Sprites Magic Pebble: Pre-Hardmode Summoner Accessory

    Simple, brilliant, why not? :D Though I'd say to have it as a Wooden Chest item or to add it as a Water Chest item? Or just have it be a rare shiny block that is kinda like naturally spawned Demonite/Crimtane ore.
  3. |.Terrarian.|

    PC SeriousAmaro Mini-Mods

    If you want I already have a Eater and Crimera Staff sprite made! I have no idea why but I do, feel free to use em :3
  4. |.Terrarian.|

    Metal Grates should allow projectiles to pass through.

    That would be pretty dope not gonna lie, even Golf Balls could use that for golf courses!
  5. |.Terrarian.|

    Challenger's Torch + Torch God Event tweaks

    Nah that feels like a little too much, it's already fun as it is so no need to make it more than basically an Easter egg.
  6. |.Terrarian.|

    The Tax Collector Should be Buffed

    The Tax Collector should have a base maximum of 10 gold and increase the cap by 10 gold for every boss you defeat after WoF. Twins Destroyer Prime Slime Queen Plantera Golem Empress Duke Moon Lord Ice Queen Pumpking Betsy Making the maximum end game cap have 1 Platinum and 30 Gold. And maybe...
  7. |.Terrarian.|

    Happiness Range Visual Guide

    Just so you know you can edit your post after making it instead of triple posting :3 Also this is really an eye opener... (though I honestly am not really effected by this new system...) thank you for your service!
  8. |.Terrarian.|

    The Problem With NPC Happiness

    -carefully dips toe into a piranha filled lake- I like the Pylon system because it makes me sorta adapt to different biomes and build in spread out places, plus it comes with early game teleportation! It's sort of like planting your flag down and colonizing a new area which I think is pretty...
  9. |.Terrarian.|

    S A N D B L O C K

    I like this idea ^ Kind of like how tunneling through cracked dungeon bricks makes random other blocks "activate" and break tunneling through sand/silt/slush should have a chance for nearby blocks to loosen and fall as well!
  10. |.Terrarian.|

    The Enchanted Sword makes the Zenith way to hard to optain

    Had to world hop to get my precious Band of Starpower and get a Living Wood/Leaf Wand because my world had 4 Living Wood Trees but no Living Wood chest.
  11. |.Terrarian.|

    PC Ladybug Luck should be clearer

    True, feels like an odd addition when you look at all the other RNG that is already in the game. But let's be honest here, is anything really clearly explained in all of Terraria? The community kinda just figures stuff out together and that's why you literally CAN NOT play Terraria blind/without...
  12. |.Terrarian.|

    PC Ladybug Luck should be clearer

    They changed luck so it no longer gives negative effects only positive effects, that should clear all complaints about luck so we can just call it a RNG that can only benefit us, people were so cranky about this feature lol...
  13. |.Terrarian.|

    PC Summoner Exclusive Modifiers

    It's hard to tell what would be considered major by the devs since this was the last major update... I'd really love to see this but it feels like changing a whole class structure would be major... If they were going to do it they would've done it on release of the summoner class or at least...
  14. |.Terrarian.|

    S A N D B L O C K

    Yay I just finished my Desert Pylon village too, wasn't so bad making a custom sand dunes with homes inside, but block swapping could've really helped
  15. |.Terrarian.|

    Vein Miner

    I mean, if you just... I don't know .. play the game for like 3 hrs? You can get a pretty nice Platinum Pickaxe with mining potions and maybe even an Ancient Chisel or Slice of Cake. It's easier than ever to mine fast....
  16. |.Terrarian.|

    Craftable plantera summon

    Chlorophyte is obtainable before Plantera. And I don't know about having to craft an unstackable item every time you want to summon her, the soul cost is also pretty high for a simple summon. I fully agree with this, this is a cool concept <3 Perhaps you'd still need to wait half a day or...
  17. |.Terrarian.|

    Craftable plantera summon

    Mmmm nah, there are already naturally spawning bulbs that you can just find via the Map if you look around enough. Part of the challenge is finding Plantera's one of many bulbs and building an area around it. They spawn every half a day, so there are plenty of chances to fight her.
  18. |.Terrarian.|

    Attack pattern of enraged Duke Fishron is too simple and need to be buffed

    Yeah like what? Duke Fishron is so hard for me I defeat Moon Lord before Duke xD. It's your choice if you want to cheese the Fishron fight, just like how it was your choice if you wanted to use a Daedalus Stormbow or if you want to Nurse abuse. While the minecart track thing seems to be super...
  19. |.Terrarian.|

    **REPORTED** Infinite Money Dupe Glitch With Seashells

    Oop in that case can a moderator lock/close this?
  20. |.Terrarian.|

    **REPORTED** Moving saves on and off steam cloud loses all explored/revealed map locations

    I had this problem before 1.4 as well...it was really frustrating...
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