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    Survival Amuletos - Islands of the Sky

    Hello! Amuletos is going to be a series of maps and this is the first one! This Amuletos Map is based around the sky. You spawn on a little island about 20 blocks beneath the top of the world and your challenge is to 1. Not Fall off. 2. Not Die. 3.Collect resources. AND FOUR. Get to the two...
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    The King - Copper Mobs

    Welcome to the Half King map! The half king is a sort of mechanical slime based on the King Slime. I planned for this boss to be like... More powerful second place? :) This is not an impossible map according to the video. I completed it quite easily. If you don't want the map to be spoiled for...
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    Parkour GRAVANTI - To the Inner

    GRAVANTI - To the Inner I see you have stumbled across my post! Well good for you! Gravanti is a puzzle - parkour map designed to let you reverse the force of gravity. At the start of the map you will be given a gravity globe and some balloons (Which allow double jump and no fall damage). Equip...
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