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  1. ZeroTakenaka

    PC In your opinion, what areas could use revisits?

    As we all know, the Underground Desert will be revisited in 1.3.3. Finally, an area worthy of exploring! The Underground Desert has never been a place that was fully fleshed out with gear when it was made. Personally, I think Hell could use a revisit. Once you're in hardmode, there's little...
  2. ZeroTakenaka

    [] More Traps, and Statues!

    Since 1.3.1 came out, I feel like they were missing a few things Traps While the ability to rotate traps ensure that new placements for traps can now be secured. I feel like there should have been more traps added than just a geyser trap. To be fair, you can't get most of the traps until...
  3. ZeroTakenaka

    Terraria's Future

    Now that 1.3 is out and Redigit(the person) is leaving development of Terraria 1 to focus on Terraria: OW... Where do we go from here? We know that Yoraizor, Cenx, and Skiphs, along with a few other devs will continue supporting Terraria for the immediate future. Where do we head from here...
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