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  1. Sonnette

    PC [Steam-Store] Sonnette's Convenience Store

    Why, hello there! My name is Sonnette, owner of this fine hovel. We sell some stuff, so just browse through our aisles. Also, please remember everything we sell here is by stack, so if something seems overpriced, remember you are buying 99-999 of them. Some of our materials: Copper/Tin Bar: 1...
  2. Sonnette

    PC Looking to find 1 or 2 other players

    Hi! I'm looking for a couple of people to play with me on an expert mode, large world. If someone can have a dedicated server, that would be great. Even better if tShock was possible. But if we can go over Steam that's fine. Also, cussing is going to be allowed, so if you don't want that kind...
  3. Sonnette

    Story The Modification Chronicles

    Welcome to my new Story called the Modification Chronicles. I will do cameos but please don't ask for them unless I give the general public permission to request them. I will put them in when it's appropriate. Do note, there is quite a bit of foul language, but I'll try to limit how bad it is...
  4. Sonnette

    PC Monorail Cart

    A monorail cart is a cart that places minecart tracks in front of them. They are crafted at an anvil with 1 minecart, 50 tracks, 1 wrench, 20 wire, 30 iron/lead. They use the minecart tracks in your inventory, They will not place booster tracks. Sorry for the unorganized format today, guys...
  5. Sonnette

    Exploring the Capabilities of Minecart Tracks in Terrarian Engineering & Engineering Trains

    Welcome to the longest title ever! Exploring the Capabilities of Minecart Tracks in Terrarian Engineering and Engineering Trains is a place to discuss the possibilities of using the new tracks that 1.3 introduced in engineering, and possibilities of using wires and engineering and the AI's that...
  6. Sonnette

    The Twins Trophy

    Bear with me here, this is probably the worst suggestion TCF has ever known. I am so freaking tired while writing this, so I know it might not be as good of an idea as it seems in my mind. Anyways, I think that if you get both the Retinazor and Spazmatism trophy, you should be able to combine...
  7. Sonnette

    Actuated spawner?

    Is there a way to actuate spawner statues, or even just let them place on actuated blocks? Similar to how it is possible to make target dummies float? I'm attempting to make an AI that will sense the mob under a sensor and tell what kind of mob it is. I am also failing at it, but I think I have...
  8. Sonnette

    Other Literature [Member Run Project] Non-Terraria PlotBin

    Here are some story ideas you can use if you want to use them and stuff. Use them whenever, and suggest new things below. [1] A man is trapped inside his computer and must interact with various files to get out [2] A Living Tar Demon possesses a man, it is about the personal struggles between...
  9. Sonnette

    Story A Death Wish

    Hello! A Death Wish is a fantasy story about a new Witch that has entered a society of magic users, when extraordinary things start happening. I am the only author of this story. --- --- ---
  10. Sonnette

    Vehicles - The Future of Mounts

    Mounts The word that an entire new play style was based upon. However, Mounts are so limited. I mean, seriously. There are so few mounts, and you can specialize them anyways. Vehicles Vehicles are mounts. Vehicles are specialized mounts. Vehicles can be used to create combinations. Terraria...
  11. Sonnette

    Member-Run Project FSG's Short Story Emporium

    REQUESTS ARE OPEN! REQUEST NOW!! Welcome, one and all, to my Short Story Emporium! Here, we have wondrous beasts from the giant earthworms to the tiny elephants! In writing, the laws of physics don't apply! ┴ɥǝ lɐʍs oɟ ƃɹɐʌᴉʇʎ pou,ʇ ɐddlʎ¡ Now, you might not be a very good writer. I'm not good...
  12. Sonnette

    PC FSG Gaming

    Hello, and welcome to my YouTube thread! Here I will post all my videos! Videos: None! Anyways, currently, I need an video editor. Whoever can provide one or give suggestions would be highly appreciated!
  13. Sonnette

    Story The Diary of the Stylist

    The stylist is an NPC that people don't think about as much (At least I don't.) I got to thinking, "What happened to her before she went to the Spider Nest?" This story will be about that, so I hope you enjoy!
  14. Sonnette

    Other Literature [COMIC] Terraria Man

    Welcome to Terraria Man! PS: Sorry for the horrible images. You can make requests (Like if you want a cameo) you can!
  15. Sonnette

    PC Yellow Bacon

    Welcome to my thread! This is kind of a random thread. It's funny, I think, though. Yellow Bacon Made with 10 Bacon and 1 Yellow Dye at Cooking Pot Summons School Bus Koala 'It smells faintly of oil and eucalyptus leaves' School Bus Koala Buff 'A Koala in a School Bus' School Bus Koala Pet...
  16. Sonnette

    PC True Arkhalis - Revamped

    We all know and love the Arkhalis, don't we? Well, we must, or this thread would be irrelevant, as well as all the other True Arkhalis suggestion, which would be a mess (Etc etc) Anyways, I would like to make this thread different than the others. (I could use a better sprite, but this will...
  17. Sonnette

    Member-Run Project Chaos Document

    Anyone can go on this, anytime, and can edit ANYTHING https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NNlEwhJxiJFwJ-0SkOW_9c-tDxpo2ibWUwMkEBPSWzY/edit feel free to write a story, or post pictures, but keep it appropriate, and try not to cuss. there is no sensor. Come in and JOIN THE CHAOS
  18. Sonnette

    PC Lunatic Emblem

    Welcome to my thread! This is going to be the Lunatic Cultist's Treasure Bag (hopefully) Lunatic Emblem Accessory 10% Increased Damage 4 Defense 10 Increased Life Regen +10 Health +20 Mana -20% Movement Speed I could use some sprites, but if I don't get one soon, i'll probably make one.
  19. Sonnette

    PC [SPRITES]Tails- A Vanity

    Hello! Ever wanted a bushy tail? Ever wanted to waggle the stylist with a monster to comb? Well, THE TIME HAS COME! Tail Sold by Stylist during Blood Moon New Stylist Quotes "Buy a tail, before the big red moon flies away!" -During Blood Moon 2% "Ugh, where did you get that tail? I had a...
  20. Sonnette

    PC Hoiktronic Based Portal Gun Transporter

    Or HBPGT. The HBPGT is broken. Please help. I cannot go through the first portal. I presume it is because portal 2 is blocked by blocks. I tried to actuate them, and it didn't work. Any way to keep a hoik there keeping me going, while still being able to come out through the portal.
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