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  1. Boffin

    tModLoader TerraUI Toolkit (Example Mod Included)

    TerraUI Toolkit Hi there! Welcome to our thread about our UI Toolkit! What is TerraUI Toolkit? -TerraUI toolkit is a set of files and textures that can be used to make your own UI in your own mods! -The files provided in the download are for the UI and Textures, with a blank template window...
  2. Boffin

    tAPI Decorative Tiles

    Greetings all. For a mod I'm currently making, I need to make lots of decorative blocks that can be used in different scenarios, such as different floors, tables, chair, etc. I thought it would be a cool idea to ask the community for some textures to use for the mod! If you'd like to help, it'd...
  3. Boffin

    tAPI [WIP][Released]Terramineral - All about world generation

    Terramineral Current version: 0.2 POLLS: What to work on next? This mod feeds off of your ideas! Help make this mod better by posting your ideas in this thread! Here's the best way to do it: - An image of your idea (if it's world generation related, building it in game and taking a screenshot...
  4. Boffin

    tAPI [Tutorial] The many aspects of World Generation

    Hello! Welcome to my tutorial where I will go through the many aspects of world generation! Currently in this tutorial: - Generating Ore - Generating Buildings - Making custom caves using a modified function (free code!) - Creating chests and adding loot (in the buildings section) - ModWorld...
  5. Boffin

    tAPI Gretarria mod - The past being rewritten

    Gretarria is a mod that starts mainly after hardmode, including lots of ores, tools, a custom biome and small structures underground. If you want to look at some of the things that sort of work, click the spoiler button: The theme of this mod is mainly black and white, to show the past, but...
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