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  1. Rawrg

    Mobile Help with playing the game

    I wasn't sure what section to put this in, so if it's in the wrong place, please move it. Anyways. I've been wanting to play Terraria on mobile for a while. But I have sweaty hands. This makes it hard to use the virtual sticks, as my thumbs can't smoothly glide along the screen. Does anyone...
  2. Rawrg

    Games you love even though they suck

    Post a game that you love even though you know it isn't very good. For me, this would be The Adventures of Tom Sawyer for the NES. I love the way it controls, the music, the sprites. It's just a likable game, despite it not being very well designed.
  3. Rawrg

    WIP teraria high school rebith

    hi guys im rarg ad this is my fanficshim plz ejoy and rat 5 :joy: owt of :joy: terraria high school high tis is rawrg riting this. this iz mi ferst fan ficshin aboot terrara. i tink u will lik it. chapter 1 the meeting spasmatsm wuz in clas wating fr the bel to ring. thn he loked ovr and...
  4. Rawrg

    Please rewelcome me.

    Hello. I am Rawrg, formerly known as Triforce on TO. Make me feel welcomed.
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