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  1. berberborscing

    PC Trading: Crimson Key for Frozen Key

    There are three Crimson Keys in stock; and I'm looking to trade one of three Crimson Keys for any amount of Frozen Keys, but preferably just one.
  2. berberborscing

    PC Crimson Keys for Frozen Keys

    Hello, fellow members of the community! Do you have trouble with bosses, or looking to avoid the grind for the Crimson Key in your melee playthrough? I have three Crimson Keys on trade for Frozen Keys! First come, first serve.
  3. berberborscing

    PC Where can I find Terraria's source sprites?

    I want to download Terraria's source images for help with NPC spriting, not the code, but just sprites. It's hard to find a recent download of it and is there an easy place to find it?
  4. berberborscing

    tAPI Getting Started with Modding

    Do none of the mods the Terraria community has to offer interest you? Do you have a lot of ideas that others don't? Do you wish to indulge into the world of modding? If you're here, then I suppose so! Here is the download to the software I'll be talking about...
  5. berberborscing

    PC The Crew

    Published by Ubisoft and created by Ivory Tower, Not just for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1), but also for -PS4 -Xbone -XBox 360 -Mac The Crew is a massively multiplayer online racing game (apparently) where you can customize rides, do missions, and play with friends throughout the entire United...
  6. berberborscing

    Type Above Username using Elbow

    Pretty much what the thread says. Try to type the name of the person above you using only your elbow
  7. berberborscing

    tAPI berberborscing's Mod

    tAPI version: r15 Mod version: 1.1.4 Barely Multiplayer Compatible Welcome to my mod thread. If you're going to read this all, sit back and get comfortable, because this mod has lots to offer. If you're here from my other threads "Getting Started with Modding" and "Providing Help for...
  8. berberborscing

    berberborscing's Weekly Addition Mod

    tAPI version: r12 This mod is on the Released page, check it out @ http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/berberborscings-mod.4417/ This thread will still be here if you want the beta for some reason (Maybe getting the Bloody / Corrupt Star?)
  9. berberborscing

    Providing Help for Accessories

    I have noticed a lack in interest in the accessories part of Terraria modding. Doesn't it get tiring just creating weapons all day, every day? Where is the Gravity Coil Mod? Where is the Backpack Mod? Not in the weapons section. So I have a big list of effects I have tested and am sure work. If...
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