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  1. Black Scythe

    I THINK...the final boss of terraria is a little too...

    That damn globe man, biggest disappointment in 1.3, I was expecting some hell of a cool expert exclusive item from him, and what do we get? Infinite gravity potion(And it's even worse than gravity potions because you can't even change the gravity in mid-air!)
  2. Black Scythe

    Moon Lord Trophy

    I have one, haven't gotten another since(Killed him over 10 times), just bad luck you're having.
  3. Black Scythe

    Does the Eater's Bone even drop?

    According to the wiki the Eater's Bone has a drop rate of 5% from treasure bags, that's 1/20, I've now opened more than 50 bags and still haven't received it.. Can anyone confirm that this thing is even obtainable from bags because I'm sick of farming him, in solar eclipses I get 1/40 and rarer...
  4. Black Scythe

    PC Stardust Guardian discussion

    He's more like an extra pet to me, I like how he follows me around, but that's about it, he's absolutely worthless as a minion.
  5. Black Scythe

    PC I have HAD IT with the frequency of events!

    The Martian Probes aren't a big deal, you can quickly kill them. I have to agree with the Solar Eclipses though, they're becoming such a pain, especially with the mothron now, you can't just afk in base with the doors barred because the mothron will just fly through your base and kill you.. the...
  6. Black Scythe

    Type Above Username Using Only Your Elbow

    miknerrturtl.e456t :redspin:
  7. Black Scythe

    PC Stardust Guardian Vanity

    But then you wear the actual armor as vanity as well, what if I want to wear a costume and have the guardian as vanity while wearing mage gear?
  8. Black Scythe

    PC Stardust Guardian Vanity

    The Stardust Guardian is a minion summoned when you wear a full set of Stardust Armor and you can order it to guard an area and it gathers aggro to take enemies off you. I love how the Stardust Guardian looks and you can even dye it! The problem is.. you need to wear that full set of stardust...
  9. Black Scythe

    PC Strange Plant Discussion

    I've only found one in the first 1.3 world I made, haven't seen a single one since. I've made 4 dirt skybridges almost half the length of a medium world, explored various newly created worlds, removed grass on top of my main 1.3 world(With the skybridges) and looked through the whole jungle annd...
  10. Black Scythe

    Someday.. I will find me a Strange Plant!

    Someday.. I will find me a Strange Plant!
  11. Black Scythe

    I have a 4 dirt skybridges on my world, repeatedly removed grass and flowers from the surface...

    I have a 4 dirt skybridges on my world, repeatedly removed grass and flowers from the surface and I've been playing the game for 2 days doing that. Not. A. Single. Plant.
  12. Black Scythe

    PC Wait, PC was better?

    PC is what it's originally was made for so no big surprise there.
  13. Black Scythe

    Should I go for Expert Mode first?

    I'm jumping straight into Expert Mode, curious about the treasure bag loot which hopefully isn't just simple things like usables but actual end-game gear(Maybe every boss has it's own unique gear from the bag? That's what I'm hoping for)
  14. Black Scythe

    The Pure Summoner Challenge

    Good luck with the Ice Queen and Duke Fishron :eek:
  15. Black Scythe

    Your main Pre-Hardmode loadout?

    Hmm.. I usually enter hardmode with crimson/shadow armor depending on what the world has and a muramasa + minishark for weapons. Accessories would be frostspark boots, obsidian shield, Lucky Horseshoe, Band of Regeneration + Anything random/Emblem that the Wall of Flesh drops.
  16. Black Scythe

    Humorous Redigit IRL Pictures Thread

    R-Red?! :eek:
  17. Black Scythe

    PC Skeleton Horse

    Bone horse mount? Yes please. :redmunch:
  18. Black Scythe

    Official Terraria Now Available on GOG!

    I've never really used it before either, but I assume they will add an installer below the full game for just the update. Either that, or you gotta reinstall/overwrite the current version with the full installer.
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