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  1. ED209

    How do you play multiplayer online?

    Hi, I've tried to find Terraria on my PC but it's nowhere, and when I double click on the .wld file it just asks me which app I want to use to open the file, but Terraria isn't on there. Steam won't let us connect either.
  2. ED209

    How do you start a multiplayer game?

    Hi I'm trying to get a friend to view my map, but we can't connect. Steam is useless by the looks of it, is there another way? Thanks.
  3. ED209

    Does anyone make websites?

    Hi, I know there's a lot of creatives on here so I thought I'd try my luck. A friend was going to build me a website for free, but then she landed a job and won't have the time anymore. Would anyone be willing to help? I hate asking people to work for free, but It would lead to paid work...
  4. ED209

    Rainbow announcement text

    Hi, Is it possible to make flashing rainbow text (like with treasure bags) in signs and announcements boards? Thanks.
  5. ED209

    Rainbow text in announcement boards

    Hi, Is it possible to make flashing rainbow text (like with treasure bags) in signs and announcements boards? Thanks.
  6. ED209

    Are critical hits double base damage or double total damage?

    Hi, If I've got a weapon the does a base damage of 100, and I get a critical strike, it would be 200. If I'm wearing a something with a "menacing" modifier (adding 4% damage) and I get a critical strike, would the strike be a.) double the base damage then adding the 4%, making 204, or b.)...
  7. ED209

    Looking for dart-based puzzles to "borrow" for my map

    Hi, I'm building an adventure map which contains, among other things, an area full of traps for the player to solve. The are three main areas; spear traps, spikes, and dart traps. The first two are coming along nicely, but I'm not really coming up with anything dart-based that's too great...
  8. ED209

    Vanilla Builds

    Hi everyone, I've been planning to make this thread for a while, and as I've had a just request to show how I built one of my props, so I thought I'd start now. Anyone else is welcome to post their stuff on here, as long as it's vanilla; no modded furniture (although cropped items using TEdit...
  9. ED209

    Have Martain Madness requirements changed?

    Hi, I've been building some test arenas in 1.4.1 and for some reason the Martians aren't appearing. The probe spotted me, and the background animation is active, but there's none mobs spawning. I'm at the centre of the map and I've got two NPC houses next to me. Have the spawn requirements...
  10. ED209

    Working as Designed Items can't be equipped straight from mannequin

    With all other storage items you can right-click a clothing item or accessory and it will equip it automatically, but with mannequins this isn't the case.
  11. ED209

    Daybloom in clay pots not growing

    The pots are underground, but that shouldn't make a difference surely? Some are being placed walls, other aren't.
  12. ED209

    PC Placed bowls can't be removed with right-click

    Title says it all really; the bowls now need a pickaxe to be removed.
  13. ED209

    Console Seed for tutorial island in 1.4

    Hi, Does anyone else think it would be nice to have a seed for a saveable version of the console tutorial island? As it's the first Terrarian experience of 99.9% of console players, it would feel like a great addition to 1.4 on console.
  14. ED209

    Can you make the mole cart dig diagonally?

    Am I being thick? I can only make it go horizontally.
  15. ED209

    Resolved Does summon protocol no longer work?

    Hi, Does the strength of your minions go down the second you change out your summon gear? It used to be that you would summon them with all menacing accessories, then switch the the same ones but with the warding prefix, and their damage wouldn't go down.
  16. ED209

    Right-clicking on placed bowls

    Hi, We used to be able to remove placed bowls with right click, as we can with bottles, but now we can't. Was this removed by design? Or is it a bug of some sort? Thanks.
  17. ED209

    Latitude problem: background transition points

    Hi, I've been messing around with world globes and I've discover that I can have four different forest background simultaneously in one (large) world. However, I can't suss out the rule for where the boundaries should be; they're not evenly spaced out via latitude, with the middle one being...
  18. ED209

    Can crates be fished from honey?

    Hi, I'm making an adventure map and I want to give players the option to fish some honeyfin, but I don't want them to catch any crates. I know there's no honey crate, but I'm not sure if there's a chance of getting a wooden crate if they're in a forest biome for example. Thanks.
  19. ED209

    Resolved No lightning in graveyard

    Hi, I've seen in several videos that there is meant to be the occasional flash of lightning in the graveyard biome, but wherever I build a graveyard I don't get any lightning. Any ideas? Thanks.
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