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  1. Black Scythe

    Does the Eater's Bone even drop?

    According to the wiki the Eater's Bone has a drop rate of 5% from treasure bags, that's 1/20, I've now opened more than 50 bags and still haven't received it.. Can anyone confirm that this thing is even obtainable from bags because I'm sick of farming him, in solar eclipses I get 1/40 and rarer...
  2. Black Scythe

    PC Stardust Guardian Vanity

    The Stardust Guardian is a minion summoned when you wear a full set of Stardust Armor and you can order it to guard an area and it gathers aggro to take enemies off you. I love how the Stardust Guardian looks and you can even dye it! The problem is.. you need to wear that full set of stardust...
  3. Black Scythe

    PC Which item did you have the most trouble with to obtain?

    As for me it would probably be the Death Sickle, took me forever to get that from the rarely occurring solar eclipses with the fairly low spawn rate of the reapers and the drop rate of 0.4%. I still have quite a lot of items to obtain and I'm currently working on the bee mount, killed over 100...
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