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    PS4 10,000 platinum for travelling merchant items

    Want to buy travelling merchant item's willing to pay 10,000 platinum
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    PS4 Weapon's_

    Willing to trade trade end game weapons
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    PS4 Travelling merchant

    Want to buy travelling merchant items i'll take any of them
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    When can we expect terraria otherworld on console
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    PS4 Travelling merchant items

    Will buy any travelling merchant item no matter what your your price so just over price me like crazy i dont cre i just want the travelling merchants items
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    Why is the console clans and dedicated rooms filled with 99% pc servers and clans i men WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Looking to help people

    I'll help anyone just message me your psn name
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    Looking for people to start a new game

    Message me your name i will check daily
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    PS4 Looking for peoplt to start a new world with

    Please leave psn down below ps4 only
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