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  1. DisRicardo

    The Timeless Traveler's set tweak by the concept's author

    DISCLAIMER: This texture pack is now redundant as of release of the on November 11, 2020 The ingame texture was tweaked very close to this texture pack THANK YOU SO MUCH, Re-Logic!!!! You are cool dudes! :) <3 :bluslime: I'm not deleting this post for archiving purposes If you're...
  2. DisRicardo

    PC The blocks created by the ice rod should be swappable for other blocks

    I don't know if the Ice Rod's blocks not being swappable is a bug, an oversight or some balancing decision, but making them swappable would be very nice for building. Right now it's kinda inconvenient, cause when you're building something in mid air you have to either break the initial ice rod...
  3. DisRicardo

    Placing the Encumbering Stone into the Void Bag should stop it from collecting items

    This would be very handy when you just want to use your bag as a spare inventory without it collecting random junk
  4. DisRicardo

    PC Right clicking the Staff of Regrowth should remove all types of grass and moss

    This would be a VERY convenient feature, cause right now in order to remove vegetation you have to either click blocks very carefully with an inefficient pickaxe of use lava Adding this function to the staff of regrowth would allow builders to remove grass and moss quickly and painlessly using...
  5. DisRicardo

    Allow painting all over boss relics

    Currently you can only pain the base of a boss relic. Allowing us to paint the whole thing would let the relics have more uses in building. Also some people do not like how flashy the relics look and they would like to paint their relics to display them in a more subtle way.
  6. DisRicardo

    Putting accessories in vanity slots

    Hey guys! Hope you having a nice day! :) 1.4 Has nerfed the accessories by not allowing accessories without visuals to be put into vanity slots. As I understand it, this was done to 1. make players put only vanity accessories into vanity slots so the characters do not look like a mess, 2...
  7. DisRicardo

    PC DisRicardo's Improbable World!

    Hi, I'm DisRicardo and these are screenshots of my mega world! Please tell me, what you think about my builds and share them if you want! That will mean so much for me and give me inspiration to continue! :pinky: These creations are all in one world and I hope I will go on to make more of them...
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