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  1. MolochMekkane

    WIP NPC Combat Changes

    So, I just went through a Goblin Invasion on Expert. Most of the NPCs quickly died, but the Dye Trader and Nurse not only survived, but they (especially the Dye Trader) Actually killed quite a few goblins. Meanwhile, everyone else (Merchant, Guide, Arms Dealer, Angler) died in seconds (The...
  2. MolochMekkane

    WIP UniBullet (Flaming Piercing Exploding Crystal)

    (Word of Caution: I haven't really ever made a suggestion. This entire presentation therefore may be terrible. Proceed at your own risk.) This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Raufoss Mk 211. This 12.7 x 99mm (.50 Caliber) beauty has a bunch of multipurpose features rolled into one. What all that...
  3. MolochMekkane

    Cross-Platform Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

    Didn't see one here, so I figured why not. Story time. I first became aware of Metal Gear Solid Rising when... well, when it was still called that obviously. I dismissed it immediately because I at the time hated Raiden with a passion. It was a very long time and I was completely ignoring it to...
  4. MolochMekkane

    Console Symphony of The Night

    Didn't see one here yet, so I figured I'd see who here likes Symphony of The Night. I suppose I'll first tell of my own story and experience. I did not have a PlayStation as a child. I did not have many of the famous things when I was younger. My experience with this game was really looking at...
  5. MolochMekkane

    Console Devil May Cry (1-4)

    Thread for discussion of Devil May Cry, the original 4 specifically. Your experiences, your favorite weapons, your favorite out of the 4, your favorite bosses, and so on. My own; I had the original for a long time, but I was a damn kid and never good at it outside Easy Auto mode. Few years...
  6. MolochMekkane

    Cross-Platform Childhood Games: The ones that defined you

    Quite simply, thread to name the game that WAS your childhood, and one that could still bring memories of good times and tears of lost innocence. BONUS: Name a second game that was quite influential but not as much as the first. BONUS: Name a tune from game number one that causes you to...
  7. MolochMekkane

    The Mystery Box

    Welp, time to actually make a suggestion. Anyway, this particular doohickey would be 'The Mystery Box.' Its a toss up for me what NPC would sell it at the moment, but here's the gist of what it does. For 20 seconds, you get some kind of random effect (one only), whether it be Blessed With Luck...
  8. MolochMekkane

    A Challenger Approaches!

    It's a me, MolochMekkane! I've got 215 hours on Terraria, I suppose it could be more, but I spend less time building, and more killing everything that moves and blowing everything else up. I have had Terraria on PC since April 2012, and I have the mobile version on iPod, planning on PS3 version...
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