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  1. Marcus101RR

    PC Keyboard Controls Refusing to Work

    Terraria: Graphics: NVidia GTX 960 Driver: 446.14 RAM: 16 GB G.SKILL 1366 CPU: Ryzen 2700X UPDATE: Once again went back to playing Detroit, and it seems the issue is back again, on this old driver now. Something i being installed that is overwriting keyboard controls This is...
  2. Marcus101RR

    Wavebank Project: Ori - Music Replacement Mod

    Project: Ori A Full Replacement Music Track Terraria: Download: Mediafire About Project: Ori A friend of mine and myself wanted to replace some of the tracks for Terraria with Ori and the Blind Forest / Ori and the Will of the Wisps, which was very successful. This is a full wave bank...
  3. Marcus101RR

    Discord Bridge Chat for TModLoader?

    I was wondering why one has not been created yet, would be nice mod and I would even pay for it. That begs the question if it is possible or not. Mostly for just chatting back and forth.
  4. Marcus101RR

    LeafosGaming • Classic Survival Server • Semi-Vanilla

    TShock • World Regeneration • Challenges • Server-Side Characters • Survival • Semi-Vanilla • Housing Districts • Piggy/Safe • Donor Ranks Community Server Terraria Online Features: World Regeneration - The world regenerates with a new world or same world after a given time period...
  5. Marcus101RR

    World Downloader/Capture World?

    Anyone bothered to make a Capture World with the camera settings? So that you can download and load these schematics with tedit from other servers?
  6. Marcus101RR

    Mod for MiniMap Reveal?

    Been wondering if there is a minimap mod that reveals it completely instead of having to explore with a Bright mod?
  7. Marcus101RR


    EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE: Seeds & Results Worlds: Bera & Cera Seed ID: Terraria Corruption / Crimson Terraria's newest feature of Seeds has been added, a famous thing from Minecraft that allows you to generate a world so other players can share their findings and results! This was introduced into...
  8. Marcus101RR

    PC Experimental Feature: Texture Support Pack

    Experimental Feature: Texture Support Pack This is just a quick guide on how to do this properly, be reminded you still need to know the exact image file name and type before doing so. You can use the XNB Extractor to get the entire assets of Terraria! Don't forget to read the guide about the...
  9. Marcus101RR

    Constantly being Logged out via Forums

    So, Recently, When I leave the forums or switch on a link, I keep getting logged out. It also keeps stating I must login but sometimes shows me I am logged in. Someone please fix this... SCREENSHOT:
  10. Marcus101RR

    PC Underground Desert Update Ideas

    So here it is, My thoughts on this update and what could be added! New Mobs: Pygmy Snake, Scarab New NPC: The Archaeologist New Items: Horus' Amulet, Canopic Vessel, Sekhem, Fossil, Sonar Device, Pendelum Needle, Seismoscanner New Liquids: Oil Info: Highly flammable, will catch fire and...
  11. Marcus101RR

    PC Freeze Camera - Feature

    Hello Terrarians, I personally think since we have a Camera Mode now, we should be able to freeze the camera position with a menu option in Camera Mode this would be great for video recording/editing purposes, or even position for a great screenshot of sorts where the player would be off screen...
  12. Marcus101RR

    PC ATTN: Those with Steam Sync Bug

    ATTN: Those with Steam Sync Bug Dear Members, If you are the few that are experiencing the Steam Sync Bug of losing your Character/Worlds when trying to use Save to Cloud feature, please post here and let me know. I am trying to identify the issue for some of the people who have this bug, by...
  13. Marcus101RR

    PC Preventing Modified Clients Idea

    Dear Terrarians, The worst thing about Terraria is anyone can join with a modified, hacked, pirated, or injected client to a server and join it as long as the Protocol Version is the same. We need something that separates these clients from one another to only allow the original client user to...
  14. Marcus101RR

    TCF Suggestion Social Groups not visible when public.

    I think its pointless in my strong opinion to set a Social Group Public given the fact that its not public at all. As there are a total of 4 options to choose from on how your group appears in the public list when users see it from the menu, and when viewing it. Here are some pointers and fixes...
  15. Marcus101RR

    PC [Update] Color Codes cause Line Breaks

    I would NOT categorize this as a bug, but just a mere bad processing of the code in Terraria, since its counting the color codes as character that are part of the text. It should be excluded from that when its correctly used. That way when someone over uses color codes or in the motd, its not...
  16. Marcus101RR

    WIP Gem Socket System (The Socket Patch)

    Hello Terrarians, It has been a quiet week for me, and I am here to come up with a possible new idea to the advancement of Weaponry, Armory, and Accessories! The Gem Socket System will allow players to further improve the statistics of their prizes treasures. The socket system is not something...
  17. Marcus101RR

    Resolved A revised Spam-Detection

    Not sure what is up with this spam detection, but my reply more than well constitutes a reasonable response... I can't hunt for the real problem, someone please fix it.
  18. Marcus101RR

    [EXPERT MODE] Demon Heart Change Suggestion

    If I am not mistaken, this is the only item that cannot be used in normal mode, yet all other Expert Items are usable in Normal Mode. I kinda find this unfair that this one item in particular was rendered useless in Normal Mode as the point of Expert is to play the game at higher difficulty and...
  19. Marcus101RR

    Prefixes for Potions

    Hi Folks, In few games, particularly MMOs you can improve potions and upgrade them. This would change things like their stats, something that happens similar to weapons and accessories (not for armor yet) when using them on the Goblin Tinkerer. So let's get right to it. What would these...
  20. Marcus101RR

    Summoner Updates (Ideas)

    Welcome to Summoner Brain-storming and Ideas. Yes, I am a summoner fan, I actually was a mage person on many RPG-like games, but when I started getting into games that involved minions or armies I thought about things. How can I be a cowards and sit in one place and let the minions do the work...
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