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  1. Rasta Ros

    Wooden Bridges!

    As the title says, Wooden Bridges, A cool idea I wanted to suggest after I wanted to connect my tree houses but I didn't want to use just a line of wood going across to walk on. Now lets start of the its purposes. Wooden Bridges would be used for decorative and helping purposes. They would help...
  2. Rasta Ros

    Using different bullets after a period of time

    The explains it quite neatly. A game mechanic which makes you use a different type of bullet after a period of time.Just a quick idea I thought of since it was annoying to switch to ichor bullets then to switch back to chlorophyte bullets.An example of what you could do with this mechanic is...
  3. Rasta Ros

    Whats your favourite thing in terraria?

    As the title says, whats your favourite thing in terraria? Is it a weapon, biome, boss, anything!....but don't say everything! Mine has to be the vast variety of weapons. May it be a rocket launcher, to a sword that rains stars when swung. SO what is your favourite thing in terraria?:cool:
  4. Rasta Ros

    Gastropod range decrease

    Hello. Rasta Ros here again giving another suggestion. This time about gastropods as I seen they were the one of the most hated enemies in the game. So I've been playing terraria for a long time now and gastropods have been a nuisance, well there Range in anyway. I do be going around my world...
  5. Rasta Ros

    Xbox One Want to buy

    Hello there terrarians. I am looking to buy a few things, these things are: At least 25 daybloom and full set of adamantite armor. They do not have to be sold all at once. But if you do have them both then I would gladly accept anyway. I have 3 broken hero swords that I could sell but of you...
  6. Rasta Ros

    If you could make your own weapon, what would it be like....

    If you could make your own weapon... What would you make it like? Homing explosive rainbow pumpkins? Pull back laser sniper? Plasma shotgun? Shock tornado bow? The possibilities are endless once you use your imagination :)
  7. Rasta Ros

    Poseidon's Trident

    I thought of an idea I wanted to say after I saw multiple melee weapons shooting projectiles. True Excalibur, true nights edge, terra blade, and more. Its a spear that shoots another spear. Like the terra blade shooting a terra blade projectile. The spear Is called poseidon's spear. It would...
  8. Rasta Ros

    Ocean Houses

    So its me again, Rasta Ros, and I thought of an idea to make the ocean more cool and not as bland. Ocean houses made out of grey brick and grey brick wall would spawn as a replacement instead of random chests at the bottom of the ocea, well the chests are put into the houses instead. They would...
  9. Rasta Ros

    MultiShot Rocket Launcher

    Hello Terrarians. Its me, Rasta Ros and I made up an idea about a multishot rocket launcher! This would take 1.5 seconds to fire after holding fire.While it is charging to fire, it would make fast beeping noises. It wold shoot out 2 rockets with the cost of one that would have SLIGHT homing.The...
  10. Rasta Ros

    Console A (helpful) Guide

    Hello fellow Terrarians! It is me Rasta Ros, here to tell you some things that might help you through your journey of terraria :) Now as you can see helpful in the title is in brackets as you might know all this already. Ok so lets get started. The dungeon doesn't actually change to the...
  11. Rasta Ros

    Console What will I do next?

    So I started hardmode and got good gear defeated the destroyer twice twins one and skeletron prime once. I then killed planters twice and got the grenade launcher twice and the trophy twice. I was wondering what I should do next?
  12. Rasta Ros

    Quake Hammer

    The quake hammer is a hammer that can not be used for any regular hammer it can only be used like a weapon.It it swung over the player and then smashes the ground dealing 100 damage.When being swung only 75. This weapon would be swung slowly. It would not be good for bosses but great for crowd...
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