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  1. Nyan Cat Likes Sandwiches

    Adventure Island Adventure/Survival Map

    You're really great at making maps, i hope you continue making them, gotta play them all!
  2. Nyan Cat Likes Sandwiches

    Adventure Island Adventure/Survival Map

    This map also looks really good, i have to try all of your maps at some point, how long do you estimate you have worked on all your maps in total?
  3. Nyan Cat Likes Sandwiches

    Survival Micro Terraria World

    Really cool map, i've seen your other maps too but this one looks the most intresting, i'll try it out and hopefully enjoy it to the fullest :D
  4. Nyan Cat Likes Sandwiches

    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    This mod saved my Terraria gaming, i had done so many challenges and playthroughs, then this mod made me love Terraria again, great mod, keep up the good work!
  5. Nyan Cat Likes Sandwiches

    HERO Terraria Youtuber - Hello my friends.

    I almost feel a bit bad for HERO, he does so much more than other people would, and he keeps helping other players. Respect
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