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    (For mod devs) Terraria NetMessage.SendData detailed information spreadsheet

    Since I had too much time I compiled a spreadsheet about how to use NetMessage.SendData in you mod. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Qrqf48vBPRVWZwFeZBFsO2Qt94YdFehSjaBFT4Mo7rw/edit?usp=sharing
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    tModLoader Item Frame Weapon Rack Fixer

    Item Frame Weapon Rack Fixer is just a very small mod that fixes item frames and weapon racks so they keep their mod item and global item data. You can get this mod in the mod browser. Tested thoroughly with mod item and global items in SP and MP. Tested with even more modifiers and autotools...
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    tModLoader Tale of Ascension

    The Tale of Ascension is an RPG mod with uniquie mechanics. Players don't get much stronger with just levels; they become stronger with class-specific bonus and global bonus. Each class also have different active skill which is available from the beginning. You can download this mod from the...
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    tModLoader Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel is a RPG mod with various and unique abilities. You can download it from the mod browser or here. New players start with an angel certification. It can be also made from air at demon altars. Using this makes you and angel. Being an angel is hard. Without fallen angel's circlet...
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    tModLoader Auto Tools

    Auto Tools add a lot of utility items that reduces grinding and/or time spent on mundane tasks. You can download this mod via mod browser or on github. Please note that the version in the mod browser is broken. Here is the latest working version. I'll do my best to fix it asap. Features 0...
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    tModLoader Useful NPCs

    This mod is sister mod of Useful Items mod. You can download this mod from mod browser or github. Dealer : He will come after beating the slime king. He sells the entire items from the traveling merchant, sketon merchant, santa claus. He also sells crates. But here's a catch. His items are at...
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    tModLoader Equivalent Exchange

    Equivalent Exchange is recipe + content mod that involves around adding new recipes and items that remove some of the randomness of the game. Features 0. Configurations Many of the recipes/items in the mod can be toggled on and off. Equivalent Exchange also makes blood crawlsers drop worm teeth...
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    tModLoader Need help making an item that becomes wings under certain condition.

    Hello, I'm trying to make an accessory that becomes stronger and stronger as the player defeats bosses and finally becomes wings after defeating the Moon Lord. I can already make wings but I can't use autoload equip because that will grant slow fall and fall damage immunity from the beginning...
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    tModLoader Chaos RPG

    Chaos RPG is a very lightweight RPG mod. In contrast with other RPG mods, Chaos RPG players don't have levels in traditional sense. Instead, they have stat levels which means you can max out all stats if you grind a lot. Also, the player has to wear Chaos Circlet(which is a accessory) to get...
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    tModLoader Useful Items

    Useful items aims to reduce wasted time. This mod is sister mod of Useful NPCs mod. You can download this mod from mod browser or github. This mod will no longer receive content update. For more contents, visit here for more information. Celestical jumper : Advances time to nearest night or...
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    tModLoader Yet Another RPG Mod

    Yet another rpg mod (yarm in short) is as you can guess, yet another rpg mod. Main difference is that players don't have level and instead of player, player's attributes have level. You can download this mod through the mod browser. Each stat has its own level and works independantly. Each...
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    tModLoader Upgraded Accessories

    Upgraded Accessories adds several new accessories that combines existing accessories and/or has entirely new effect. You can download this mod from the mod browser or github. Contents 1. Boots upgrades. Boots are important accessories. Upgraded Accessories has many boots upgrade. Red...
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    tModLoader Monster Expert

    This mod is discontinued. It has too much bugs while it adds very little to the game. Feel free to decompile it and make it better. Monster expert grants players weaker banner effect that grows as the player kills that enemy. You can download monster expert from the mod browser. It is...
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    tModLoader All Damage(Mod compatibility mod)

    All Damage acts as a bridge between mods that 1. Adds all damage/crit up. 2. Adds custom damage type. e.g. All damage up potion from some small mod might not grant damage up for thorium's symphonic and radiant damage. All Damage aims to fix this issue. You can download this mod from mod...
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    tModLoader Upgrade Accesories

    Upgraded Accesories adds several new accesories that combines existing accesories and/or has entirely new effect. This mod is still going through balancing phase. Please let me know if something is too overpowered/underpowered. You can download this mod from the mod browser. Contents 1. Boots...
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    tModLoader Potion Charms

    Potion Charms adds various items that provides potion effect by sitting in the inventory and without eating up all the buff slots. You can download Potion Charms by searching it on the mod browser or from github. This mod will no longer receive content update. For more contents visit here for...
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    tModLoader Faster Start

    I love Terraria but Terraria's early game is very tedious. Faster Start gives new players some items to speed up the early game. They include: Zombie Arm(Candy Cane Sword) -weapon Candy Cane Pickaxe Gold axe/hammer 150 Shurikens(200 Throwing Knives) -weapon Wooden Boomerang/Copper bow/Topaz...
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