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  1. Prism

    Survival ERROR

    Caves in the sky. Hell in the ocean. EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. This is pretty much a map of pure chaos, consisting of sections of the map randomly scrambled or straight up deleted. Do you think you can survive in what is essentially a map swallowed and thrown up? We'll see. There is tons of...
  2. Prism

    Music Criticize my Electronic, Chiptune EP!

    Hi guys, I put out a Chiptronic EP over the summer, created with nothing but a Gameboy and a lot of free time. For those of you that don't know (which will be most of you), Chiptune is music synthisized off of old video game devices, and is not a genre. It is a style. I would love if you guys...
  3. Prism

    PC Corruption Mansion

    I am still a total noob at building, so some constructive criticism would be VERY appriceated. It still needs a bit more furnishing, but I can't be bothered to get any more painting/ statues. :D
  4. Prism

    PC Hi, Terraria Forums!

    Hi, my name is Super Prism, and I have an unhealthy addiction to terraria. I've played Terraria since around 1.1, and have been perpetually addicted ever since, and have no signs of slowing down. I spend most of my time making music with a gameboy (It's called chiptune, and it's amazing, look...
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