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  1. Red Slime

    Drawings & Paintings Red's Drawings

    Hi, after a long, long, "hiatus" (more like being lazy) I've decided to revamp my entire profile and art threads, because i have too much free time and too little of a life. Since I last made a post on here i think i've improved a hell of a lot in my drawings, so i might as well post some stuff...
  2. Red Slime

    Casual Overwatch

    Title says it all. This is a thread for discussing overwatch.
  3. Red Slime

    Member-Run Project Vortex Resprites

    Hello! This is a project where everyone can help out respriting as many weapons as possible with the vortex palette. This thread was inspired by @ca595 's thread Of vortex gun resprites http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/vortex-gun-upgrades.51233/ You can go to this link to find the...
  4. Red Slime

    Drawings & Paintings Red's Slimy Art

    mods, please delete, old thread
  5. Red Slime

    PC Red's All Item Mall!

    Here is where you can buy anything, cheaper than you could possibly imagine! Ask me the price, max 2p per item! Blocks sell for 1g per stack. Sold out: 1 sec timer. I'm usually online from 12PM to 7PM Central european time. (Berlin, Paris, etc.) Hope to see ya'll soon!
  6. Red Slime

    Other Literature Randomly generated lore/history/poetry

    Hey guys! Red here! So, I decided to write some stories/poems about certain items ingame. I used this strategy by @Derunih http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/idea-generation-the-rng-way.30477/ That's it for now! Hope you enjoyed!
  7. Red Slime

    PC Easy money farm

    So, I had this really cool idea of building and testing different statue farms in my world. And while looking at the different drops, I noticed that a night vision helmet sells for 2 gold. 2 gold! That is a lot of money early game! So, night vision helmets drop from granite golems. With 6...
  8. Red Slime

    Translate the above user's statement!

    Hey, I've decided to make a forum game, because why not. So, being from a country that does not speak english, I decided to test how well the forums can translate foreign languages. One person says something in a foreign language, and another tries to translate. Do NOT use a translator Example...
  9. Red Slime

    Pixel Art Red's Slimy Pixels!

    Mods please delete, old thread
  10. Red Slime

    Story A soldier in the Terrarian Navy

    So hey, this is my first thread. I decided to write a story for this one, so here it is: Just some special thanks @Randomfox720 for characters Nia + Maxwell, and inspiration. Go check out her story! http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/the-long-battle.40437/ HappyDays' YT channel for...
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