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  1. Blizzkit

    PC New Boss in 1.4.1.?

    So there's a new spot in the bestiary, number 486 to be exact, which is just before the Eye of Cthulhu. It shows up when applying the underground, cavern and boss filters. My first thought was the torch god but after doing the event the entry is still empty. Any ideas?
  2. Blizzkit

    Drawings & Paintings Blizzkit's Terraria Art

    Hi, my name is Blizzkit and welcome to my Terraria art thread! - I'm a digital artist and long time Terraria fan - I draw using a Wacom Intuos tablet and FireAlpaca, although I occasionally use other programs as well - I also have a DeviantArt, I don't really use it anymore but you can find...
  3. Blizzkit

    PC About thunderstorms

    Thunderstorms are a new event as of 1.4. that doesn't have any real purpose, it seems. It has this super intimidating music and the Guide even mentions how "very powerful fiends come out in this weather", but outside of visual effects and regular rain spawns nothing out of the ordinary takes...
  4. Blizzkit

    **REPORTED** Two visual bugs

    A dyed Clothier's Jacket is displayed incorrectly on the character select screen, the cape doesn't change color. Doesn't matter what dye is used. Some stray pixels appear whenever I use wings or during the walk cycle while wearing the Wizard Hat, the same thing happens with the Peddler's...
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