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  1. RenRllySad

    Skybound - Herbology, Exploration, and Sci-Fi

    About: Skybound is a personal project for self learning, through Programming and Spriting. Being filled with ideas that i've always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity in my past mods. This won't be as actively or swiftly developed as my other mods, such as Depth of Time or Perplexity...
  2. RenRllySad

    Pixel Art Renk's Spritin' Shenanigans

    Renk's Spritin Shenanigans! Hello! I'm Renk! The past few months and mainly recently I have began spriting much more, learning as much as I can and have came a long way! In the past, I have made these kind of posts, but can't seem to find them. So now, here I am making this one! This will...
  3. RenRllySad

    tModLoader Depth of Time: Forsaken

    version: 0.1.4 Early Access release date: Full Release: Q4 Welcome to The Depth of Time Forum! Depth of Time will be a content mod based around things that exist in reality. From Bible references, to scientific mysteries, to creepypastas. This mod will contain it all in a uniform fashion...
  4. RenRllySad

    Pixel Art Ren's Spriting Factory

    Here i'll just dump my sprites, maybe take requests. I'm still learning the quirks of spriting so don't be too judgemental! These are set in order from when they were made, oldest to newest.
  5. RenRllySad

    tModLoader Toilet Paper Mod! COVID-19 Awareness Mod

    Toilet Paper! Just a small mod that introduces Toilet Paper as a throwable weapon! This can be bought from the merchant! It's very expensive but its for the meme. This mod servers as a decent way to spread serious problems in the real world we strive away from here. Please remain safe during...
  6. RenRllySad

    tModLoader [RoA] River of Aurora

    Version: 0.0 I think it's time to introduce a mod that has been in the works. Welcome to River of Aurora (Also will be known as RoA). This mod is a brand new content mod introducing a new biome! This mod is mostly centered around this new biome called, Aurora. This mod isn't like every other...
  7. RenRllySad

    tModLoader Exitium Mod - Nuclear Apocalypse

    Version: 0 Release Date - ?? Greetings Terrarians. Exitium will be a brand new content mod introducing some small, unique ideas, while pertaining a content mod style. Exitium is a Nuclear Apocalypse based mod, introducing an entire new biome, whole new class of enemies, weapons, armor's...
  8. RenRllySad

    tModLoader The 8 Sins - Demonology & Necromancy

    (Version: none) The 8 Sins Mod is a mod based around Demonology & Necromancy. As this is not new to the Terraria Modding Community, I hope to add twists to these themes. This mod won't only bring branches of the Mage class, but bring interesting ways to upgrade existing Mage weapons...
  9. RenRllySad

    PC Destroy all Humans! Mod Idea

    Yeah, I said it haha. A destroy all humans mod, containing various weapons, accessories, enemies, shop NPC with unique dialogue, mounts, and many other things that could possibly be added. In all honesty, this mod will be a fun mess around mod. This mod will contain all weapons from the first...
  10. RenRllySad

    tModLoader Perplexity Mod: Developer's Needed

    Let's make this straight to the point, we need idea creators and programmers. The mod itself is just a large content mod, that currently holds 2 bosses, 1 furniture set that originates from the Flying Dutchmen, 1 whole tool set, and a new mini biome. Right now, the 2 bosses are complete, but...
  11. RenRllySad

    tModLoader The Perplexity Mod

    Content Mod Created and Directed by DaysGone (RainnyDays) Information: A content mod that has no real theme. It will have several sub themes that are completely built upon, but no stable complete theme. As stated before, this mod is a content mod. Containing a bit of everything, somethings will...
  12. RenRllySad

    Searching for spriters

    Um.. I can't really describe much here but I am search for decently to very well skilled spriters. My discord is raιnn#6420. If you do not have Discord, private message me for more details. Sprites aren't too complicated and I will provided references or text descriptions of what the sprites...
  13. RenRllySad

    Custom biome generation help

    I kinda have the basics of biome generation down, but i don't know how to completely do it and would like some help. I do know quite a bit of C# so it should be fairly easy for me to learn. I just want a biome to generate on the surface with a chasm in the center sorta like the desert, but then...
  14. RenRllySad

    tModLoader Divinity: Resurrected - Coders needed.. badly

    Hello, i'm Rain and I develop the mod Divinity Resurrected. I'm asking for some programmers that are skilled enough to do boss Ai & Biome/Structure generation. The Dev team and I are working very hard on this mod and it's slowly fading. It would be wonderful if someone could help out and bring...
  15. RenRllySad

    How would I do this?

    I made a new damage class and in order to use the weapons it needs to take your health away.. Similar to how magic weapons take mana away. Well, I have the health take away part down, but when the player hits 0 health the health goes negative and you don't die.. How do I fix this.
  16. RenRllySad

    I need help. (Making a sword do damage to yourself upon use)

    How would I do this? I'm making a sword do damage to yourself upon use. The sword is super good, but comes with a cost.
  17. RenRllySad

    tModLoader Midnight Depth

    ~Midnight Depth Mod~~ Looking for programmers. Information (Please read this) Hello! I'm Insomniac. Well, i've made mods before just under different names and i've finally settled on something. This mod is a WIP, somethings have been sprited but dozens of ideas have been created and...
  18. RenRllySad

    Looking for help with Perk-A-Cola's [Everything you need to know is here]

    Hello! I'm Blinky and i'm making a mod called Perk-A-Cola's (Here's the link to the forum). I'm here to ask for help from the modders of Terraria. I specifically need a spriter and someone to create ideas for this mod! Perk-A-Cola's is a mod that is based of Treyarch's Call of Duty Zombies...
  19. RenRllySad

    PC Perk-a-Cola's!

    Perk-a-Cola's... Are Here! Hello Terrarians! I bring to you the Perk-a-Cola's from Treyarch's Zombies! This mod will contain all of the current Perks known in the Zombie universe, but the most hated ones. Assets from this mod will be moving to the Problematic++ Mod. At the moment their are...
  20. RenRllySad

    [Major WIP] Rise of Rapture

    Welcome. Oof another mod made by me.. Well, tell you what.. this is just a huge concept right now that's going through major idea production. Right now I do not have a team but i'd love one. I only need a few sprites and a few coders.. (2 of each). Both needing motivation for what we're gonna...
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