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  1. JereTheJuggler

    PC JereTheJuggler's Build Showcase

    Hey everybody! I've been playing Terraria since 1.1.2, and throughout that time I've done quite a bit of building! Unfortunately most of my stuff from before 1.3 is lost to the ether (or wasn't all that good in the first place), but I still have a lot to show!
  2. JereTheJuggler

    Corrupted Chasm Crossing

    Just finished a bridge that I've been building in the corruption for the past 3 days!
  3. JereTheJuggler

    Command Blocks for Custom Adventure Map Makers

    Overview With the new Journey Mode interface, a lot of really cool mechanics have been added that would be really nice to activate automatically in custom adventure maps. What I'm thinking is that you could have placed items that are similar to Announcement Boxes, but instead of saying things...
  4. JereTheJuggler

    tModLoader Weapons of Mass Decoration

    Weapons of Mass Decoration Summary: This mod's goal is to provide methods of painting that are both faster and more fun to use! Many different painting weapons and ammunition are available to use, with each spreading paint in their own unique way! In addition to the weapons there are many...
  5. JereTheJuggler

    tModLoader JereTheJuggler's Custom Generation

    JereTheJuggler's Custom Generation Mod Overview This mod's goal is to add many new features to vanilla world generation. These enhancements range from small, purely cosmetic changes, to completely new, fully fleshed out custom structures that can help with game progression. I do not plan to...
  6. JereTheJuggler

    PC Ideas for future wiring features for interacting with chests and items in a world.

    Just reposting a thread I made in the suggestions forums that didn't get much attention. If you have feedback I'd appreciate if you could reply to the original thread...
  7. JereTheJuggler

    PC Portal Engine

    Just messing around with portals... as I usually am... Found a decent engine design in terms of speed and how quiet it is. It works by having 2 player detection sensors that actuate and de-actuate two sloped blocks underneath portals Here's a snapshot of the wiring.
  8. JereTheJuggler

    PC Testing the maximum distance for a Portal Gun Station

    Decided to do a little testing with the portal gun station regarding how far it can shoot. I have my portal gun station set up here I'm not sure whether Terraria uses the player's left half or right half for determining horizontal position, but I'm just going to be using relative coordinates...
  9. JereTheJuggler

    PC Fully Automated Portal Gun Station Player Catapult

    Don't even need to be holding a portal gun for it to work. And here is the wiring Starts off by firing the top dart trap, which hits 8 pressure plates that all make the gun rotate clockwise, which calibrates the gun's rotation by making it rotate clockwise as much as possible. The dart...
  10. JereTheJuggler

    PC In-depth guide for how to make sequential logic circuits with faulty logic gates

    Introduction Ok, this is a guide to help with figuring out how to achieve many possible desired outcomes that can be achieved through counting in some way. This is something I figured out while messing around making a wire-intensive-contraption filled adventure map (which is still in the works)...
  11. JereTheJuggler

    PC A few suggestions for wiring features that would be extremely useful in custom maps

    Chest Content Sensors A sensor that is basically the same in operation as the ones currently in the game, but they use wires to connect two chests together and activate once the chests inventories are the same. There could be variations for having the same items in the same slots and just having...
  12. JereTheJuggler

    PC Two small changes for the functionality of The Grand Design

    First off, I love this thing. It's extremely useful, however It can be a little troublesome to use efficiently if you aren't thinking before you place wires. So what does it do? Currently, when you click and hold with it in either wrench or cutter mode, you get beautiful straight lines that...
  13. JereTheJuggler

    [Showcase] Compact Portal Gun Station Automation That Cycles Through 3 Directions

    Let's get right into the build, shall we? Here's a gif I made of it in action http://i.imgur.com/M2cqWCk.gifv and for easy reference sake, The way it works is that the 3 second timer (which could be swapped out for 5 seconds) controls the whole operation, and you can have some other mechanism...
  14. JereTheJuggler

    Music Into the Fire! - Instrumental Metal/Hard Rock Song I Wrote

    Hey! Thanks for taking the time to check out my song!
  15. JereTheJuggler

    PC Building Time-Lapses

    Welcome to the thread for my building time-lapse videos! I will be updating this thread with new building time-lapse videos as I come out with them, I only have 4 out right now, but I already have some more builds planned, so stay tuned for those! [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler]...
  16. JereTheJuggler

    PC Jungle house being attacked by a giant Plantera

    Hope you like it! I spent 14 nonstop hours working on it, and it is all built in-game. I didn't use any tEdit, but I did use Terrahax for fullbright, godmode, and spawning building materials. And here's a map view for anyone interested...
  17. JereTheJuggler

    Parkour The Old Abandoned Mines

    Map Overview Hey everybody! It is once again time to reveal a brand new custom map! I decided to get away from the whole portal thing I had kind of established for myself to branch out into a new type of map entirely! This map focuses mainly on parkour, but there is a bit of adventuring thrown...
  18. JereTheJuggler

    Puzzle Portal Gun Puzzles 2: The Sequel

    Woo!! Second portal map is done! Check it out! Probably spent around 70 hours total working on it over the course of a week! Also, I made all of this without tEdit.
  19. JereTheJuggler

    PC Slight Change to Architect Gizmo Pack

    My idea is to make it work similarly to how the Mechanic's Ruler does. The Mechanic's Ruler shows the grid if it is equipped and it's visible, and doesn't if it's hidden. I feel it'd be more useful if the Architect Gizmo Pack painted blocks when it is visible and didn't paint them when it's...
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