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  1. Scapegoat

    New Terraria splash text?

    I have found this seemingly unseen splash text (it is not on the wiki). Is it do do with a mod? BTW it translates to "The quick brown 🦊 jumps over 13 lazy 🐶."(with the pictures)
  2. Scapegoat

    PC Post Moon-lord items (vanilla)

    I have items You have da munz You may also have da companion cube I want either and then you get post moon-lord items You need proof that you have beaten moon-lord. I am not responsible for any bad modifiers due to lack of proper payment. Ask for modifiers. The companion cube will get you 1...
  3. Scapegoat

    PC Selling Meowmeres

    Anyone want one and on p.c, I will trade for companion cube or 10 platinum.
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