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  1. LuckyLMJ

    tModLoader Fargo's Mutant Mod: Summons and Souls

    I found a bug. If you craft an explosive bunny (which is 1 dynamite and 1 bunny), and craft the Boreal wood enchantment, you can swing the explosive bunny and it shoots snowballs which do about 160 damage each. Which is really overpowered, given that you can get this before you beat a boss
  2. LuckyLMJ

    Terraria achievement world download?

    just use the same account
  3. LuckyLMJ

    tModLoader The Astralium Mod!

    This is a mod that I am working on. It is still very much a work in progress. You can find it on the Mod Browser.
  4. LuckyLMJ

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    It will likely update for 1.4 some time after tModLoader for 1.4 comes out.
  5. LuckyLMJ

    **REPORTED** wearing the Frog Leg accesory in a vanity slot while wearing Moon Lord Legs in a vanity slot makes the player's legs disappear

    Wearing Moon Lord Legs in vanity while wearing Frog Legs in vanity makes the player's legs disappear. This does absolutely nothing, but is still very weird.
  6. LuckyLMJ

    New Calamity Add-On Idea

    I'm sorry I don't know I'm new
  7. LuckyLMJ

    New Calamity Add-On Idea

    Sure! You could also buff it a bit, make it need Iron, make it be made at an anvil, and call it Starmetal armor or something You could even make Starmetal a crafting ingredient with weapons, armor and tools.
  8. LuckyLMJ

    New Calamity Add-On Idea

    You could make the Living Loom craftable using wood and fallen stars or something Or maybe you could make the living wood NPC sell the Living Loom or possibly the armor
  9. LuckyLMJ

    New Calamity Add-On Idea

    Living wood armour? Maybe using Fallen Stars and Wood at a Living Loom?
  10. LuckyLMJ

    Pre-boss summoning armour - Living Wood Armour?

    I think that it would be really cool if there was a pre-boss summoning armour set. I was thinking of what could be used, and I had the idea of making Living Wood Armour. I was thinking that it could be crafted using wood at a Living Loom, with possibly some other resource, like Fallen Stars...
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