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    Resolved [Xbox One] Lock npc

    So I want to lock an npc to a house. So what I mean is if a npc would die it will respawed randomly to all n any house, but I want it to only spawn to a certain house. I know u could do this on PC, even with the new 1.3.4 update I still can't do this.
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    Xbox One Game is bugged, multiple truffle npc n bar tavern never respawed.

    So as title states. I am on expert, before plant boss, I had a random 3 truffle npc spawn in my world.. In the npc list it shows one but clearly I have 3 in room with truffle icon.. It seam that truffle has replaced my others npc. I found the Bruce the tavern keep. When I went to moved him to...
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    Xbox One New to the Xbox 1 version. Come join me

    as title states. Just picked up game from game pass. Any want to play and get all the achievements with me. There is like a week left from game pass before it goes bye bye. So come join me. I will be hosting and be playing a good 8 hours plz during the fri - sun. So if u want in plz send me a...
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