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  1. MasterLuigi452

    Terraria Soundtrack Volume 3 is now out!

    Quickly grab them while they are hot!
  2. MasterLuigi452

    AGDQ/SGDQ Thread

    Highly entertaining stream. Great speed runners. This year's SGDQ list is rather weak compared to this year's AGDQ, but it's still going to be entertaining to watch. My only wish is that the Cave Story speed run isn't scheduled at 6am at my local time... That reminds me. AGDQ had Minecraft...
  3. MasterLuigi452

    PC Make Gemspark Walls interact with wires

    So when you hit a switch, a Gemspark Wall will turn off and on just like regular Gemspark blocks. This will be amazing with a DJ room with the walls constantly changing colors, giving the real vibe of Disco show.
  4. MasterLuigi452

    New update "accidentally" buffed Shroomite Armour.

    Even if you are moving, you are constantly in camo mode, so you get the constant camo stat increase on your range weapon. Plus you are mostly invisible, so it's sometimes hard to see yourself. iPhone 6 Plus with latest iOS.
  5. MasterLuigi452

    You did not reach the Nuclear Throne.

    ....or HAVE YOU?? Steroids for life yo. And Big Dog.
  6. MasterLuigi452

    Music Sweetest Notes

    It's Flash. Click here to play! flashygoodness is well known for composing soundtrack for Tower of Heaven and Super Smash Land. This flash goes all the way back to 2012 and I never forget about this little hidden gem. Give it a listen. Mix and match the tunes that the notes create and make your...
  7. MasterLuigi452

    PC My Port Forward no longer works?

    Hey fellas. I use Actiontec V1000H and was able to play with my friends for 2 years. But now, others can't join my server. Even though I have my ip as static and gave them my public ip address. I even removed my old port forwarding settings and remade a new one and it still doesn't work. This is...
  8. MasterLuigi452

    Bad Translator

    By using this website, input a sentence, set your translation count to 43 max, and share your magical result of it here! Let's start with an example. Original text: "Terraria 1.3 will come out in Valve Time." ...43 translations later, Yandex gives us: "However,1,3,before the valve." Now go!
  9. MasterLuigi452

    WIP Selected Races from FTL Has Landed!

    During their space travel, the crews of Kestrel had to crash land to the world of Terraria after a brutal fight between a notorious space pirate named Tuco. Very few people have witnessed the crash landing, but they remember how those aliens look like. Nobody knows what happened to them after...
  10. MasterLuigi452

    PC 3 Best Steam Games of the Year

    2014 is closing very soon and we had some great games this year. What are your top 3 Steam games of the year 2014? State the reason and an honorable mention. 1st. Transistor. Don't have to state the reason for this one. Supergiant Games is too good at making games. 2nd. The Binding of Isaac...
  11. MasterLuigi452

    PC Rainbow Gel

    From the suggestions of a crafting material from my recent thread by Baconfry and Kazzymodus, I have come up with a new crafting material: Rainbow Gel! New Crafting Material: Rainbow Gel (Color changing done by me) How to Obtain One Kill a Rainbow Slime at Rainy Hallow to obtain it. Upon...
  12. MasterLuigi452

    PC Rainbow Ammunitions

    Scraping my original idea of Rainbow Bullets, I have reformed the idea of Rainbow Bullets as well as applying them to different ammunition. Before I dive into different Rainbow Ammunition types, there is a universal special properties that they will have: Rainbow Trail. Rainbow Trail will...
  13. MasterLuigi452

    Rainbow Bullets

    Reading some of the suggestions of bullets and ammo, I thought up a strange bullet type. I call it Rainbow Bullets. I will try to do the sprite, but what it will look like is a Musket Ball with rainbow color change just like Rainbow Brick. How to craft 50 Exploding Bullets + 50 Golden Bullets...
  14. MasterLuigi452

    PC Luigi's Cave Story Pixel Arts

    Transferring this thread from TerrariaOnline. Hey guys. I love Cave Story. So much that I speed run Sacred Ground and make arts in Terraria! For Halloween Contest... Next works: WiiWare Graphics Sue and Ballos!
  15. MasterLuigi452

    PC FTL players unite!

    ....to share your experiences of FTL. I'm sure a lot of you rage quited the game. Stealth Class ships can burn in hell on Hard mode.
  16. MasterLuigi452

    Mobile World gets deleted like it didn't exist in the first place.

    So far, two of my main worlds have been deleted mysteriously even though I didn't trash it myself. Until this gets solved, I simply cannot enjoy Terraria on mobile. I'm sorry. I'm using iPhone 4 with latest version that it's available right now. This happened in Terraria current version and a...
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