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  1. Qui Devorat

    Qui's rendition of the first ever Blood Moon: a good ol' scary story

    No one knew where it came from. No one had seen anything like it before. The moon, which sat above them as an unrelenting orb in the heavens, had been stained an unhealthy shade of crimson, as if some cosmic force was playing a macabre joke upon the inhabitants of the land. Although for that...
  2. Qui Devorat

    Short Story There is a reason mirrors do not exist.

    There is a reason mirrors do not exist. The reflection, the mystery. The fear of the unknown. Terrible secrets abound. Secrets not meant for man. 2nd November, 1967 Dear Diary It seems that insanity has consumed my lord's mind once more, having stormed out into the middle of the town and...
  3. Qui Devorat

    Story The things we left behind

    There is a dark secret to every person. Under the sweetest of smiles can reveal the sickliest of them all. Many truths can hide a lie. And the visions gifted by insanity reveals the unmasked absence of reality A woman, Nageru. Steef's one true love. Blonde hair, eyes of the sea. But eyes are...
  4. Qui Devorat

    The Best Bits and Bobs Of TCF.

    Good evening everyone, tis the back-alley bard here to mark down another cornerstone in the history of TCF. I posted this thread up when it was somewhat clear that there was nothing to celebrate the smaller but still significant things of the forums. But anyway, Starting things off...
  5. Qui Devorat

    Qui Devorat's Poetic request bar.

    This isn't the end of my poetic zest For now I'm going to take a request Not one, but any who ask. I'll be up for the task From snarky toasts To badass boasts. Today you enter my requesting lair So if anyone wants a poem, ask me if you dare. I'll keep writing on, Till my hands are dead and gone...
  6. Qui Devorat

    Qui Devorat's poetry corner.

    Yet another thread has popped up here So come have a look whenever you're near Cos I'll be done through and through If I cannot satisfy or entertain you. I started this thread. To mark my quest, Into the lands of poetry, With a backpack of zest, So come watch this thread With a sparkle and a...
  7. Qui Devorat

    Crimson Conflict: Endgame.

    PROLOGUE Out of all plagues in the land, There is only one That twists it's hosts into monsters That kill people for fun. As time goes by The affliction will spread. More and more falling victim to it Making them seeing red. This implacable plague Will destroy a nation Because it's legend is...
  8. Qui Devorat

    Spoiler: Crimson Conflict-Endgame.

    "On the day of the black sun, The earth's skin will go numb, As she takes our flesh And uses it to knit her own As a gigantic mesh, Her incubation will be shown. In only a matter of days She will burst out of her tomb And show the world her ways Of corruption and doom Then she will turn on the...
  9. Qui Devorat

    The Art Corner.

    Hello everyone. I have decided to become entangled in arts as well as literature, so I made a post where people can discuss and show art here. To begin, here is my hand-crafted new avatar. Made it myself :) Edit: My most recent one. The illustration for Chapter 10 of the Crimson Conflict...
  10. Qui Devorat

    The Crimson Conflict.

    Prologue "Now that I have told you about what I did from my transformation till now, I'll consider that you all know what I intend to do next." I finished my tale and jumped off the roof of the church, proceeding to grab my bag of mega-shark parts and stroll towards the blacksmith's place of...
  11. Qui Devorat

    Standalone Halloween Boss suggestions / second halloween event Suggestions

    Hello there viewer(s). I started this thread because of a ponderous thought. A thought of what happened if there was a halloween boss that was outside of an event such as the pumpkin moon, and dropped different loot. So I started up thid little page to get people thinking. Also think of the...
  12. Qui Devorat

    Qui Devorat: Origins

    Prologue So, you wish to know how something like me came to be? Very well. Listen carefully ladies and gentlemen.... We all know the land of Terraria, it's lands thriving with flora and fauna and the valleys bustling with magic and wonder. Surely little place else to call home. Of course, like...
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