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  1. TTSp00k the Invincible

    Story RED SKIES - an MSPA style story

    Basically Downternet but worse ....................................................STATUS: Cancelled. ....................................................COMMANDS: No. [/spoiler] [/spoiler]
  2. TTSp00k the Invincible

    Pixel Art Emotes by TTStooge

    I can make emotes, or "smilies" as they're also known. Yeah. If you want one, I'll need a reference of some sort(but generally if it's related to Terraria I won't need one, unless it's your character or something) and you'll need to tell me what sort of expression/action you want the...
  3. TTSp00k the Invincible

    PS4 Bro looking for Cabbage

    My brother, who's PSN is Jared400, is wanting to get the Cabbage pet item. He said he's willing to trade anything, from Enchanted Swords to Key Molds, he's desperate. Please just do it he won't stop bugging me about it and I just don't care please make it stop.
  4. TTSp00k the Invincible

    PS4 My bro needs some help.

    My brother(PSN: Jared400) has taken up the challenge of trying to Platinum Terraria on PS4. He's currently working on the All Pets Trophy, but he's had no luck finding the Cabbage. Due to this, he's been bugging me to make this thread asking this: Is the Cabbage bugged, like, is it still...
  5. TTSp00k the Invincible

    TTStooge Has Talent!

    These are builds in Terraria. They are made by me. This is a build thread. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get right down to what you came here for- The Almagamations of Blocks, Furniture, and Paint! [/Spoiler]
  6. TTSp00k the Invincible

    Slush Monster

    This idea arose out of the "Make Mech Bosses farmable without needing multiple worlds" thread. Slush Monster *Fighter A.I., spawns underground, but spawns more often in water that is on slush. HP:64 Damage:21 Defense:10 KB Resist:80% Drops: 130 Copper coins Slush 2-7 Silt Monster *Fighter...
  7. TTSp00k the Invincible

    Holiday Music

    So I've got a hopefully unique suggestion here, and that is that during the Halloween and Christmas times for Terraria, the Night(and/or day) music changes a small bit. During the Halloween season, the Night(and/or day) theme is remixed with Halloween-esque Instruments to give it a spookier...
  8. TTSp00k the Invincible

    Poetry The Poem of Skeletron Prime

    K, here I go: "Oh, puny human, do you dare challenge me? I will destroy you, you weak little flea! No longer shall you be, filled with glee! Soon, you'll no longer exist! Though you, might resist! Though you, will persist! Oh, puny human, do you dare challenge me? Isn't it time for, you to...
  9. TTSp00k the Invincible

    Oh look that guy made it or something I don't know.

    Oh hey guys it's me, TTStooge.I made it to the new forums. Back on the old forum, I didn't make an introduction thread. Since there's bound to be some new people (guys who weren't on the old website) here, I figured I might-as well make one. So, in short, hi.
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