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  1. bottlecaps

    do flame dyes work in mobile?

    cuz I made green flame dye and it doesn't show
  2. bottlecaps

    so ive heard that you can dye wings..

    can you do this for mobile?
  3. bottlecaps

    I just had the saddest moment in Terraria

    I was fighting skele prime and I beat all the rest of his limbs then BOOM Daytime. //cri
  4. bottlecaps

    probably should've done this earlier

    Hi, I have terraria on kindle (mobile) I started playing Terraria in late January and I've defeated 3 bosses so far which are the Brain of cthulhu, Eye of Cthulu, and the Queen Bee and the armor I use includes a Crimson Helmet, Ancient Shadow Scalemail, and Ancient Shadow Greaves and wear a...
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