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  1. Migui6890

    PC Terraria launches and instantly closes

    Help, the same thing happens to me, I start it and it closes a few seconds and I reinstalled drivers, XNA Framework, and all that, I have done everything, restart my PC, open Terraria as administrator, reinstall the game, verify the integrity of the files , although it says that 1 file could not...
  2. Migui6890

    PC Alguien para jugar, Español???

  3. Migui6890

    Thanks ;)

    Thanks ;)
  4. Migui6890

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    This is my set, based on the enemy "Gigant Tortoise", it will be called Tortoise Set, I really liked the idea and I would like it to be in the game, I will probably put all its animation. Each part of the set would have a name, the turtle mask, the torso, the turtle shell and the feet, the...
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