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  1. Thomas Pedrotty

    Drawings & Paintings Taking request of painting characters!

    If you'd like your Terraria character painted digitally feel free to request below!
  2. Thomas Pedrotty

    PC Terraria 1.3.4 let's play series!

    Going to be posting some videos to show off the new update that just came out. (PLEASE REQUEST TOPICS FOR VIDEOS!) Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4
  3. Thomas Pedrotty

    PC Old one's army (arena example)

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLaTIWjUInl7ECAVp8AgJ6t8PWav2czhyN&v=ZcevAzd3KKk Showing off an arena with a display and collection of the new items.
  4. Thomas Pedrotty

    1.3.4 The Old Ones Army Gameplay (To show AI padderns)

    This is a vid of me fighting the old ones army, trying to watch both sides and keeping a watch on the amount of enemies.
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