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  1. KangarooGuy

    Drawings & Paintings Non-Terraria Pencil Drawings!

    To see my Terraria Pencil Drawings thread, click here. Okay, so basically, this thread is about drawing random things. You can request anything. If you want me to draw something from Terraria, please click the link above. Anyway, so here I draw things. ANYTHING at all. Take a look at this...
  2. KangarooGuy

    Drawings & Paintings Terraria Bosses, Armor, Weapons and Character Pencil Drawings!

    Welcome to the Terraria: Bosses, Armor, Weapons and Character Pencil Drawing Thread! I don't have any examples just yet, but i'm still willing to draw anything! :) Current Requests: Note: All Non-Terraria Requests will be posted here.
  3. KangarooGuy

    Story Terraria: Rise of the Hunk of Metal

    So before I start this 7 Chapter long story, I should say that this is my first story, so don't expect good results. The Hunk of Metal is basically a Mechanical counterpart of the WoF that I suggested, which was hated by a lot of people. ;( Anyway, let's start! -----Chapter 1: A New...
  4. KangarooGuy

    Dangan Ronpa

    Dangan Ronpa is basically a game with talking bears and pink blood. That's probably all.. Wait.... KILLINGS?! Anyway, talk about anything related to the game here! Answer the poll above so I know what games you play. -_- I'd start this by saying.. Upupupupupu!
  5. KangarooGuy

    How to make your Avatar animated?

    Until now, i've been trying to get my Avatar to move. (Don't ask me why. -_-) Can I please have some help from you people of TCF and teach me how to make my Avatar animated? I would gladly appreciate your assistance.
  6. KangarooGuy

    Mobile Paint Bug

    I was playing Terraria, and noticed that the paint in one of the rooms is glitchy. I painted it blue, but it appears red. This isn't much of a bug, because nobody likes to paint in Terraria. (Go ahead, complain all you want Painters!) I will be putting a picture below, if I have the time...
  7. KangarooGuy

    WIP Hunk of Metal Boss

    I've had an idea for a boss... Since there's no Mechanical counterpart for the Wall of Flesh, I decided to make an idea for the Hunk of Metal. I still don't have an idea what it's appearance is going to be, but I do have a couple more things in mind. Spawning Item: Mechanical Guide Voodoo Doll...
  8. KangarooGuy

    The Lost Girl/Nymph

    So far in the caves, you haven't seen this person yet, have you? My first thought when I saw this person was: And then it came charging at me and i'm like: I'll show you what she became: It's a Nymph. With 300 HP and 29 attack damage, this monster will chomp on unprepared Terrarians...
  9. KangarooGuy

    Who/What got you into Terraria?

    There are a ton of Terraria players all over the world. But, I have one question. How did you all know about this game? How did you all progress through the whole thing and still, you're still playing it? Me? I just found it in the App Store, and i'm like: But I expected something else. Not...
  10. KangarooGuy

    Mobile NPCs saying wrong Quotes

    I have been playing for quite a while now, and I checked the Terraria Wiki. I checked the NPC page, and checked their quotes. Then I realized: I knew I had to report this. Please fix this bug because it bugs me a lot. Here are some of the examples: Party Girl: I'm no landlubber, but it's...
  11. KangarooGuy

    Mobile Missing Mobile Content and NPCs

    As all of you know, Terraria Mobile only has a couple of NPCs from the PC version. And those are: Guide Merchant Demolitionist Nurse Arms Dealer Witch Doctor Goblin Tinkerer Dryad Mechanic Wizard Pirate Steampunker Cyborg Stylist Truffle Clothier Painter Dye Trader Party Girl The reason the...
  12. KangarooGuy

    Paint Color Bug

    Since the Party Girl is so crazy and stuff,I decided to paint her room all kinds of colors. I started with red, then blue. But the blue paint appeared red. Please fix this bug in the next update or so. This may be just a minor bug, but I dont know why it bothers me a lot.
  13. KangarooGuy

    PC The NPC List and how to get them!

    Wanna know how to get all the NPCs? This thread will help you! Just click the names of the NPC you want to know about. Guide Merchant Nurse Arms Dealer Demolitionist Dryad Clothier/Old Man Mechanic Goblin Tinkerer Dye Trader Witch Doctor Angler Stylist Party Girl Hardmode NPCs Wizard...
  14. KangarooGuy

    Mobile World Status Bug

    I talked to my dryad one day, and she said: :dryadindifferent: - <your world> is 0% corrupt. You should try harder. I was like, daheq? My World Status is originally 6% Hallow and 4% Corrupt. This isn't a major bug, but it should be fixed... Eventually.
  15. KangarooGuy

    How to defeat Duke Fishron!

    Have you ever wondered what the purpose of the ocean is? Have you ever wondered why it has to be large? Have you ever wondered why there's no bos-- Wait a second.... 1.2.4 is out... WOAH WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING?! Let's see here... It's called... Duke... Fishron.. What the heck? Anyway, ima...
  16. KangarooGuy

    Mobile Defeating Skeletron before the Eye of Cthulhu!

    Have you ever wondered what lurks in the bottom of that castle-looking structure? Have you tried going down there and just ended up dying? Have you ever wanted revenge to that Gigantic Skull- Rascal? Then this thread will help you to get down there! Just follow these steps; 1. Enter a World...
  17. KangarooGuy

    NPC named "Chanterelle" won't settle down.

    This has been going on for quite some time now, but I knew I had to report this to the forums. This NPC named "Chanterelle" does not want to settle down. I have a free room, but the NPC won't even bother settling down. Please fix this bug. I'm curious to see which NPC it is.
  18. KangarooGuy

    Can't write on signs

    I was just playing Terraria, and then I realized, I never put a single sign in the world. I crafted one, and placed it next to my house. I was trying to figure out how to write on it. I looked it up on YouTube, and I can't get any help. If this is a bug, please fix it. If I just can't figure out...
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