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  1. the shinobi of slime

    name of placeable accessories mod?

    so a while ago, i had a mod installed that allowed me to place certain accessories as decorations, however now i dont seem to have it in my mods folder so i think i deleted it, the problem is dont even know the name of it, and when i search for it i come up empty handed, so i figured id ask on...
  2. the shinobi of slime

    tModLoader mods not showing up, despite being in folder

    so, I've been taking a break from terraria and just got back into it recently with the final update only a few weeks away. i played with my friend on a vanilla multiplayer server and when i got back to my usual server all my mods were gone. my worlds and my players were still there but when i...
  3. the shinobi of slime

    Top 5 underrated terraria mods (in my opinion)

    everyone's always talking about the thorium mod or the calamity mod or hell even the tremor mod, but no one pays attention to some of the mods that I've found. here i will be listing my top 5 favorite underrated terraria mods 5. the Antiaris mod this is a mod that i find quite enjoyable (except...
  4. the shinobi of slime

    new invasion idea: CLOWN ATTACK

    this is just a stupid idea I thought up so I figured id post it and see what people think the clown attack is a hardmode invasion event summoned by the suspicious-looking horn (dropped by the clown enemy that spawns on blood moon) at night, unlike the pirate invasion this is meant for early...
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