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  1. Aloeveran

    Can someone answer this for me?

    So on Terraria when I create a new character I spawn with a Carrot (for those who don't know what it does it spawns a pet Rabbit). However, I don't own the Collectors Edition of the game. I have a suspicious feeling that it's because of the Mac / Linux Beta I had participated in, but when I...
  2. Aloeveran

    Giant Aquatic Aquariums & Creature Eggs

    While I was in the ocean biome I started thinking. What if there was I way I could bring back local wildlife (Crabs, Sharks, Squids, Jellyfish ect.) to my base without the use of statues or not having them despawn. That's when I though of this idea; A giant aquatic aquarium that is about 30...
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