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  1. YinaniY

    Xbox One My best world is gone.

    Can anyone tell me why I no longer see one of my worlds after I select my character. Btw I am able to access other worlds I have created, but it so happens that my best and most favourite world is no longer there. I have restarted my game. I have deleted Terraria from my Xbox, and downloaded...
  2. YinaniY

    Resolved No truffle worms for me...

    In my underground glowing mushroom biome, I have more bunnies spawning that truffle worms. It was funny at first but now I am infuriated. I have been taking battle potions and that just spawns yes you guessed, more bunnies. Anyone else have this problem, or know anything I can do to get...
  3. YinaniY

    Resolved Unknown armour

    What is this Armour ? I have never seen it before... Just in case this URL doesn't work here is the link again: https://m.imgur.com/t/gaming/bSW0hhx It is in the middle row, and the second box from the top, then it is the top row and far left armour set.
  4. YinaniY

    Resolved Which banners provide buffs, and how are they utilised?

    This sounds like a noob question and I feel even more nooby asking, but as they say: "There is no such thing as stupid questions, only stupid answers". What banners provide buffs ? What buffs do those banners provide ? How do I use the banners/make them work ? Thanks and sorry for my...
  5. YinaniY

    Console Any tips for catching a "Wisp" ?

    I have been farming the dungeon for a Wisp in a bottle for ages. I am in the right dungeon: post-Plantera hardmode, and I have set up some traps and some water candles to attract mobs. I also have put down lihzahrd bricks (I believe it increases the spawn rates ?) and I have heart statues and...
  6. YinaniY

    Xbox One I want to buy Vampire knives

    I will pay you Vampire Knives. Let me know how many Platinum coins it will take. If you are interested in selling them to me, reply on here or on Xbox One. Gamer Tag: YinaniY
  7. YinaniY

    Xbox One Need help on beating Fishron

    My fiancée and I play many games together but when it come to Terraria we can't get enough. Saying that, Duke Fishron is proving difficult. We have tried numerous times, plenty of different ways and cannot seem to defeat this boss. Any help or useful information would be greatly appreciated...
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