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  1. Bambino

    Working as Designed Summons Auto-Attack Larva

    As title says, summons attack Larva. In turn, summoning Queen Bee. Asking others in Discord verifies others are experiencing the same issue.
  2. Bambino

    Dune Splicer Spawns With Only Head

    As title says, Dune Splicer randomly spawns with head alone. Although, it does tend to occur when I am fighting a high amount of mobs at once. Asking around, no one could confirm whether this was normal while asking in Discord, but some did say they experienced the same issue.
  3. Bambino

    Hallowed Head Equipment & Facial Hair Issues

    The following head equipment does not show facial hair: Ancient Hallowed Headgear Ancient Hallowed Helmet Hallowed Helmet Wood Helmet Iron Helmet Mushroom Hat Sailor Hat Snow Hood SWAT Helmet * I initially thought this only applied to Hallowed helmets.
  4. Bambino

    Double Music - Solar Eclipse Music Non-Stop

    After a Solar Eclipse event the music keeps looping no matter what I do. Meanwhile proper music plays at a lower level. It could be that that particular tracks drowns out all other tracks. Nonetheless, I've tried fighting other bosses and other events. I've tried to restart my client. Still the...
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