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  1. Teh Manticore

    Request: Signs for each Wood/Furniture type

    Can you please add editable signs that suit each wood and furniture type? I'd really love to have different designs for marking areas other than the same yard sign style. Cheers!
  2. Teh Manticore

    Sprites Change the bar object to include a bar stool

    I'd like to see the Bar object include a bar stool so that players and NPCs can sit on the stool in front of the bar (rather than next to it). If you make the bar a 3x3 tile object, you could place bars consecutively to have a row of bar objects with bar stools in front and characters sitting...
  3. Teh Manticore

    Subspace Scanner Station & Tricorders

    Glad to hear it! I also like how getting it from the Cyborg and before the Moon Lord means it would be really valuable to finding any pieces you're missing to upgrade your gear and accessories. If you're struggling with the Pillars or Moon Lord, the Station and Tricorder would be excellent tools...
  4. Teh Manticore

    Subspace Scanner Station & Tricorders

    A cute way of making the pointer arrow work is by having to hold down the mouse button to use the tricorder and "spray paint" the air around you in a circle. Faint neon signal particles appear in the air where you hold the mouse, but they thicken in the direction of the item into an indicator...
  5. Teh Manticore

    Subspace Scanner Station & Tricorders

    The Subspace Scanner Station and the Tricorder are used by endgame players to find materials and equipment anywhere in the game world. It's an incredibly valuable item to expert builders, tinkers, and those that remember they had something but can't remember where they put it (me! me! me!). The...
  6. Teh Manticore

    Sprites The Explosion in a Bottle and other Accesory Shenanigans

    I'd love to see the Rainbow Horseshoe Balloon leave a rainbow behind after the second jump (or the first?), like the Rainbow Gun.
  7. Teh Manticore

    Include some magic weapons in the summoning class

    Yeeep. Summoner needs a primary weapon, and these weapons are perfect matches for it (even confusingly saying "Summons" in their description).
  8. Teh Manticore

    Require a right click to slope blocks with a hammer.

    Mmmm! There was something I was trying to hammer and I kept removing the wall. Turned out the thing I wanted to toggle wasn't toggleable, but separating the two functions sounds like a great idea.
  9. Teh Manticore

    Fetishes: A Summoner Primary Weapon Series

    I think I know what you're getting at? Fetish: "an inanimate object worshipped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit. synonyms: juju, talisman, charm, amulet; totem, icon, idol, image, effigy, doll, statue, figure, figurine; archaic periapt" So a...
  10. Teh Manticore

    Throwing to Melee

    I don't play melee myself but I thought there were a good number of ranged weapons that do melee damage? The flails and a number of shooting swords? Though I can understand the OP's point that it's tough to play a strict throwing class.
  11. Teh Manticore

    Fetishes: A Summoner Primary Weapon Series

    Considering the empty spot of primary weapons for the Summoner class, Fetishes would fill this spot on the Summoner toolbar. Each Fetish deals summoner damage at range and has two attack methods. Hold Left Mouse Button While the mouse button is held, all your summons attack targets near your...
  12. Teh Manticore

    WiFi Blocks (Wiring mechanic)

    A programmatically simpler alternative might be toggling the wifi block to "shoot" the signal in any of four directions in a straight line like an invisible dart. The shot is coloured with the wire or wifi shot that triggered it, and if it hits another wifi block along that x or y axis, it...
  13. Teh Manticore

    Suggestion: Fast Start setting.

    Rather than set items you're given, I'd wonder what it'd be like if you could select from a range of starting gear (or gear sets) that vary across the things you've suggested. One set starts with a 2nd tier pickaxe and 5 mining potions; one starts with a basic bow, 50 flaming arrows, and an ammo...
  14. Teh Manticore

    Lock chest

    Seems like a cute idea. Not everyone would use it, but some would love it or be grateful for it. You'd want some way of preventing visitors coming and locking your chests though. How would you do that?
  15. Teh Manticore

    Sleeping, maybe?

    Yeh, I've found it annoying when my sundial is in cooldown. I've found myself either doing a night/day of Old One's Army events, or picking something underground to do or behind barred doors/trap doors. It's annoying, though I believe the inconvenience/risk of it is just part of the gameplay...
  16. Teh Manticore

    The game saving your location.

    Sounds like it'd be two variable pairs in a list and saved with the character data: [Map Name], [x,y,]. The only problem I could see is in multiplayer maps where another player could see where you logged out and then flood the spot with lava, or cover it with traps, or simply block it up. In the...
  17. Teh Manticore

    Add an Online Arena Builder Mode? (like Super Mario Maker)

    Thanks. I wondered about that. If it could be done just for vanilla, it would still be pretty worthwhile.
  18. Teh Manticore

    Two useful tools: The T-Square and Circle Compass

    Both of these items only need to be in inventory to be used and have toggle switches in the top left to turn on and off. The toggles can be bound to keys/buttons. T-Square This tool has two toggle buttons in the top left: horizontal (x-axis) and vertical (y-axis). When either are on and the...
  19. Teh Manticore

    Add an Online Arena Builder Mode? (like Super Mario Maker)

    Have people asked to be able to make worlds like Super Mario Maker for others to play like a challenge, puzzle, or PvP arena? It seems this game engine is perfectly primed for players to make sharable content where the "GM" is able to decide all the variables for the world and player/s for...
  20. Teh Manticore

    Tradable Construction Blueprints - Instant build from templates

    That's a sweet looking mod! Boxinator is very similar to this suggestion. It'd be nice to see this in the vanilla version, but being able to easily make your own templates using a click and select interface, and the core part of having the community of players making and sharing their blueprints...
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