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  1. Teh Manticore

    Request: Signs for each Wood/Furniture type

    Can you please add editable signs that suit each wood and furniture type? I'd really love to have different designs for marking areas other than the same yard sign style. Cheers!
  2. Teh Manticore

    Sprites Change the bar object to include a bar stool

    I'd like to see the Bar object include a bar stool so that players and NPCs can sit on the stool in front of the bar (rather than next to it). If you make the bar a 3x3 tile object, you could place bars consecutively to have a row of bar objects with bar stools in front and characters sitting...
  3. Teh Manticore

    Subspace Scanner Station & Tricorders

    The Subspace Scanner Station and the Tricorder are used by endgame players to find materials and equipment anywhere in the game world. It's an incredibly valuable item to expert builders, tinkers, and those that remember they had something but can't remember where they put it (me! me! me!). The...
  4. Teh Manticore

    Fetishes: A Summoner Primary Weapon Series

    Considering the empty spot of primary weapons for the Summoner class, Fetishes would fill this spot on the Summoner toolbar. Each Fetish deals summoner damage at range and has two attack methods. Hold Left Mouse Button While the mouse button is held, all your summons attack targets near your...
  5. Teh Manticore

    Two useful tools: The T-Square and Circle Compass

    Both of these items only need to be in inventory to be used and have toggle switches in the top left to turn on and off. The toggles can be bound to keys/buttons. T-Square This tool has two toggle buttons in the top left: horizontal (x-axis) and vertical (y-axis). When either are on and the...
  6. Teh Manticore

    Add an Online Arena Builder Mode? (like Super Mario Maker)

    Have people asked to be able to make worlds like Super Mario Maker for others to play like a challenge, puzzle, or PvP arena? It seems this game engine is perfectly primed for players to make sharable content where the "GM" is able to decide all the variables for the world and player/s for...
  7. Teh Manticore

    Chest Contents Teleporters

    Looks like they're possibly turning chests into switches in 1.4? It'd be brilliant to have a way to link two or more chests by wire so that when you access them they all have the same contents, like the piggy bank and safe. Either you buy an expensive, 1x1 teleporter module that you connect by...
  8. Teh Manticore

    Tradable Construction Blueprints - Instant build from templates

    As 1.4 may be the last major update to Terraria, it'd be wonderful if they left us with the means for storing and sharing buildings we make in the form of Blueprints. Blank Blueprints can be bought for 1 Platinum and allow you to copy the object data from a selected area and then use that...
  9. Teh Manticore

    Move Wire Junction Boxes to the Wire Layer

    Based on a previous suggestion about Wire terminus, I'd like to suggest moving the Wire Junction Boxes to their own layer (like wires and actuators) rather than having it as a foreground object. You would place a junction using a new Insulation Tape tool. You can make Insulation Tape at the...
  10. Teh Manticore

    More widths for Trap Doors and Candelabras

    For the sake of symmetry, can we have some 3 tile wide Trap Doors to match doors, and 4 tile wide ones to match the Tall Gate? Also, is there a way to make candelabras sit in the middle of 3 tiles? I despise the fact that they will only sit on the table, bookshelf, and piano by sitting to one...
  11. Teh Manticore

    Custom-width Teleporters

    Just as the title says: make it possible to widen teleporters as much as you'd like so that you can connect more wires. Change them to start as 2 tiles wide. To expand it, place another teleporter next to it, but so that there is one cell overlapping. Keep doing this up to as wide as you want...
  12. Teh Manticore

    Wire terminus

    I just recently finished a teleportation hub and really craved being able to make a wire end where I wanted and not connect to adjacent wires. For example, if I had two lots of four wires going into each side of the teleporter, I wanted to be able to run a third wire into the center cell without...
  13. Teh Manticore

    Summon Staves: Flamesting, Jimmy Staff, and Jimmy Star Staff

    Flamesting: Crafted using Hornet Staff, Imp Staff, and Pearlwood. Obtainable at the start of hardmode. Summons a Carapace Fiend (a bony, insectile looking imp) that flies around it's target and sprays piercing bone projectiles in an arc. When using the staff at max minion count, the minion that...
  14. Teh Manticore

    Weapon Suggestion: Shields!

    This was probably suggested a long time ago, but it's hard to search it with all the references to the accessory shields. I found on a recent playthrough that it can feel very defeatist when you have a slog of projectiles heading your way, no cover you can get behind, and your healing potion is...
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