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  1. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB 100 Chlorophyte bars

    For anything you want i guess.
  2. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB 120 Chlorophyte Bars

    I need the Drill Containment Unit. We can decide what the trade will be. I can make it worth your while. I will respond as quickly as possible.
  3. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB Meowmere and Horse Mans Blade

    Never mind. I received the items form someone.
  4. (slow_terrarian)

    PC I Would Be Willing To Trade Anything You Need For A Meowmere Or A HorseMansBlade

    I am working my way towards the zenith, and grinding The Moon Lord for Meowmere's but i've never gotten one. I will trade anything you would like for a Meowmere and/or Horse mans Blade.
  5. (slow_terrarian)

    PC I Can't Get The Meowmere!!!!

    I've been grinding the Moon Lord and ive killed him like 20-30 times now but all i get are summoning staffs, Star Wraths, and Celebration MK2s. I know i have to grind more, but is anyone up to trade? (i use the nurse strategy)
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