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  1. Pitri

    PC Indestructible Block

    Hello terrarians, hello dev team. There is a simple feature I would really really like in the vanilla game: A neutral (preferably unobtainable) indestructible block. One that has maximum mining and explosion resistance (or a special rule which prohibits the destruction). It's not meant to...
  2. Pitri

    Server Portal Structures

    Hey, Terrarians. Hey dev team (heh, I hope you aren't too busy to read this). Over the years I compiled a small list of features I wish many games had as their supported vanilla content. One of those features applies to games which allow the 24/7 world server model, like Terraria does: Server...
  3. Pitri

    Collection of Suggestions

    Hey, Guys. For the last months there were some terraria ideas appearing in my head, I think I have to create a collection thread for these. They're mostly small Ideas, but not related to eachother. I think a big thread with all the ideas is better than a dozend small threads that contain about...
  4. Pitri

    NPCs: Reserved apartements

    One feature I would like in Terraria is the ability to give NPCs apartments, even if they're dead. If an NPC dies, the icon of the npc should lose it's color but still remain where it was instead of disappearing. This should affect the icon in the apartment as well as the icon in the menu. As...
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