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  1. Cyanopsia

    Mac Game crashes when texture packs are used

    Pretty much as the title states. I made sure to name the .zip file and its contents correctly, I used the right file format for the textures, and I made sure it was in the right directory. The game crashes before it even launches properly every time. I also tried using the example texture pack...
  2. Cyanopsia

    WIP Undertale map

    Recently, @Hipster (whose Steam account is here) and I have been re-creating the various locations of Undertale. We plan to shorten each location into just some of the more memorable parts, mainly due to lack of both building material and will to spend months on this. Because of this, we aren't...
  3. Cyanopsia

    Terraria rip-offs?

    Well, Terraria is a really good game, and it's pretty popular. It's inevitable that someone would want to cash in. That being said, I haven't really noticed any rip-offs of Terraria anywhere (unless you include Starbound as a rip-off). I mean, it seems like at least one developer would've...
  4. Cyanopsia

    Having two Eye of Cthulhus (yo-yo) next to each other is oddly hilarious.

    No need to repeat the title. Also, I think the PC prefix for threads is missing.
  5. Cyanopsia

    Change Clothing Style from Dressers

    I personally find it quite annoying that if you accidentally make a character with the wrong clothing style and planned to use the familiar clothes, you'll have to either deal with it or make a new character. It's also quite bad if you have a pre-1.3 character and want a new clothing style for...
  6. Cyanopsia

    TCF Suggestion No Desktop prefix?

    It seems that TCF doesn't have a prefix for desktop (Mac, PC, and Linux in general). Since the Mac/Linux version has been released, the features are all the same as PC, so if you wanted to make a suggestion for improvements to 1.3 features, there wouldn't be a prefix to describe every version...
  7. Cyanopsia

    Some Minor Improvements

    Ok, 1.3 has been out for more or less two months, and let me just say, it is amazing. But I did noticed a few things that kind of bugged me. First of all, the missing Cultists. There are 3 Lunar Cultist banners, yet only one, the Lunar Cultist Archer banner, is actually obtainable. The are...
  8. Cyanopsia

    Resolved Username change?

    I've searched through my profile information and found that I could not change my username. I decided to look up how it works on XenForo and found out that an Admin can change you username. If there is an admin reading this, could my username please be changed to PieOfCthulhu? If not then that's...
  9. Cyanopsia

    Humorous Gifs, random short videos, cats, cake, and edited quotes

    Here, you post funny gifs anything involving cats (ranging from stories to pictures, etc.), stuff about cake, and editing people's quotes, so you can make them look good, bad, or generally just silly. You can also post anything else that's crazy internet stuff, like awesome ducks, things about...
  10. Cyanopsia

    Unseen Power

    Ok, my third idea is a new sword, made with 4 swords that don't get the spotlight they should: Bee Keeper Starfury Any colour of Phaseblade Ice Blade Combine these like you would the Night's Edge, and voila! You have the Unseen Power. It does 38 damage, has Average knockback, continuous swing...
  11. Cyanopsia

    PC Island Travel and Boats

    Ok, so I want to make a short version here: You can make a bunch of different boats, use them on water, and by using them at the sea, you can go to another island with new biomes. Ok, now for the details: You would have a simple wooden boat with oars, plus ones made with all the ores, which may...
  12. Cyanopsia


    1.3 IDEA THAT IS GREAT! EXTRA VANITY! Ok, so imagine you like role playing. Your RP character needs a hook that has the abilities of the Skeletron Hand (basically dual hook that stays latched), but it also needs to look metal. Ok, the dual hook seems good! Oh wait, you can't have both hooks...
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