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  1. Lmao.itzkrystal

    I’ve been here since like 2017, but haven’t been active. So AMA

    Yeah, just ask me anything, I’ve been here for a bit but haven’t been active since like late 2018
  2. Lmao.itzkrystal


    I'm a 14 year old violin prodigy. I'm also an up and coming professional gamer. Ask me Anything
  3. Lmao.itzkrystal

    Xbox One Want Cell Phone

    I will buy Cell Phone for end game/ rare items
  4. Lmao.itzkrystal

    Rate an orchestral piece

    In the name Hiawatha - Honors Orchestra - YouTube
  5. Lmao.itzkrystal

    Xbox One Started new mage playthrough.

    I don't have any videos, but hopefully everyone can follow along. Day 1- I start off great with spelunking by getting a LAVA CHARM and Hermes boots. I got 6 npcs, and a magic hat from traveling merchant. Alongside, lead breastplate and copper boots for armor. My only weapon is a Sapphire Staff...
  6. Lmao.itzkrystal

    PC New series ideas

    I'm going to be starting a new let's play, so what should I do? Fisherman- Items aquired from fishing only Black Smith- Items crafted from bars only Expert modded Mercenary- All items that are modded. I don't really care- pretty self explanatory, just please try not to pick this one.
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